White T Promises Not To Make Sense


When choosing to unleash seemingly any desperate comedian they could find willing to work for scale, the creators of White T ensured that almost nothing about White T would make sense. In fact, somewhere toward the end of this incompetent comedy starring two obese wannabe rappers, psychotic Kevin (Robbie Kaller) mutters to himself, “That makes no fuckin’ sense, K-Dawg.” Admittedly, K-Dawg is not the voice of reason in a film where multiple parties converge on a coveted XXL white T-shirt that entitles the owner to perform at a major concert. But he is the sanest person here because at least he admits that he’s also bewildered by the lameness of his own off-the-cuff jokes. Herb and Henry (Jerod and Jamal Mixon), aspiring to be the new Fat Boys, are the first to make fun of themselves for being naturally as fat as Eddie Murphy in any of his Klumps comedies. But just because Herb and Henry are self-conscious doesn’t mean they’re self-aware. In their search for fame and that gold-tagged white shirt, they encounter other schticky characters, like Faizon Love’s Mexican-accent-affecting landlord and Eric Roberts’ foppish, lasciviously gay would-be rapist. By the time Herb smokes weed with a goat (voiced by Tone Loc) after taking a mysterious, cocaine-like powder given to him by a strip mall gypsy psychic (ex-pro wrestler Chyna), it’s pretty apparent that inmates were allowed to take over the asylum.

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