‘Suspended Forest’ Turns Discarded Trees Into a Magical, Pine-Scented Wonderland


Artist Michael Neff Talks About His ‘Suspended Forest’ in Queens from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

At Knockdown Center in Queens, there’s a place where you can lie underneath a floating forest devoid of roots and filled with the piney scents of the holiday season.

The inspiration for Suspended Forest hit artist Michael Neff when he saw all the discarded trees left outside in the weeks after Christmas. This year, he collected forty trees from Brooklyn sidewalks and suspended them from the gallery’s ceiling in grid formation.

“When I first moved to New York, when I saw the stacks of Christmas trees that happen outside of high-rise residential buildings, I was just really surprised,” Neff explains to the Village Voice. “I mulled it over for a while, and ultimately, this is how I decided to deal with it.”

Check out the Village Voice‘s photos of Neff’s Suspended Forest

Neff’s 2016 exhibit isn’t his first attempt to turn old trees into art. His first version of Suspended Forest went up on New Year’s Day in 2012 in a public space in Williamsburg that wasn’t authorized for art installations — namely, on Metropolitan Avenue under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

While you can no longer see Neff’s trees hanging from overpasses while walking down Brooklyn streets, he hopes that this installation will get folks (especially those who may not otherwise visit a gallery) out to see this whimsical, selfie-ready art.

Suspended Forest will be on display at Knockdown Center until January 31, 2016.