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Best LGBTQ-Friendly Boîte to Remain True to the Spirit of Disco


The multipurpose Bed-Stuy club C’mon Everybody, which opened in June 2015, takes its name from the funky, amiable call to get on the dancefloor in Chic’s anthemic “Chic Cheer” from 1978. A late-Seventies disco-utopia ambience indeed dominates the bar, live music venue, and art space, and the emphasis really is on everybody: “The idea is to create a space where everyone can coexist and commingle, there aren’t any lines — straight, gay, black, white — and everyone can hang out and have a good time,” Eric Sosa, one of the nightspot’s four owners, told Bedford & Bowery last year, a few weeks before the club’s debut. Sosa has succeeded in his mission: C’mon Everybody’s dance parties include the quarterly queer shindig WOAHMONE and Everybody, Everybody, a monthly bash celebrating Eighties and Nineties jams. The soirées and music may vary, but one thing is consistent: a relaxed, flirty atmosphere in which the dancefloor welcomes all gyrators. 

325 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn