NYC Will Have Its Own Women’s March Following Trump’s Coronation


The day after Trump’s inauguration, women (and those who support them) plan to take to the streets of Washington D.C. for what I hope is a march so well-attended and disruptive that it shifts the region’s tectonic plates, provoking an earthquake so powerful that it swallows the city and three-quarters of Maryland whole. Now, organizers have created a second, corollary march for the same time in New York City.

Everyone with the means should go to D.C.—Megabus tickets are still plentiful, though housing is beginning to run short. Remember, though, that the Metro extends all the way out to such pastoral locales as Wheaton and, god forbid, Largo Town Center. I’ve heard Pentagon City is lovely this time of year. The point is that you’re not going to D.C. to party—not that you ever would. You’re going because every additional pair of feet in attendance increases the possibility that Trumpunzel will sense the reverberations of contempt from within his borrowed castle. Ideally, he’ll feel the shockwaves of disgust and malice deeply in his bones, for it to seep into his fake hair and chemically augmented skin like a cancerous smog. He can blunder around, he can bellow at Twitter, he can cover his ruddle ears first with his baby carrot hands and then, finding them insufficient, the finest gold-plated noise cancelling headphones money can buy—but nothing, he’ll find, can block out the roar of protest from outside. That’s my dream, anyway, and maybe yours, too. And in order to realize it, people need to show up.

But just because a fascist regime is seizing the White House on January 20th doesn’t mean people don’t still have to be at work on Monday. In light of that, New York City is hosting its own march, which is fitting because Trump has made it clear that he intends to hightail it back to his city whenever possible, crushing financial burden be damned. (This, among other things, is what makes his self-styling as “a president of the people” so bitterly risible.)

Already, more than 3.5 thousand people have RSVP’d on the event’s Facebook page, with another 13 thousand having expressed interest. Some additional details:

“President-elect Trump has announced that Trump Towers will act as his surrogate White House for the duration of his term. Marching to the doorsteps of this tower to promote the advancement of equality and human rights for all women, minorities, and immigrants sends a clear message to the incoming cabinet that we are watching. This march also sends a message to the millions of foreign onlookers that the United States of America is not racist, sexist, or anti-gay. We, its citizens, believe in equality and stand ready to fight for it!”

Registration is not required, though those wisely avoiding social media can sign-up and spread the word here. Sometimes an email confirmation is just the binding document you need to keep from bailing on your moral obligations in favor of eating a breakfast burrito in bed with The Sopranos, you know?

Participants will gather in Union Square at 11 a.m., and the march will begin at noon, head along 5th Avenue from 14th Street to 56th Street, and end peaceably at Trump Tower. Has chanting ever knocked down an otherwise structurally sound building? Now’s the time to try.

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