Seven Arrested At “No U.S. Bombs On Syria” Protest


Over a hundred protestors gathered on the southern steps of Union Square Park last night to express their anger and disgust over President Trump’s decision to launch nearly sixty missiles into Syria on Thursday and, more generally, the destruction wrought by the actions of the American government.

After an hour or so of speakers and chanting in Union Square, the rally stepped off for a march, supposedly to Federal Hall. But instead of going down Broadway, the crowd took to the streets and headed up Park Avenue South, blocking traffic and attempting to shake their NYPD escorts as they wound around Gramercy Park.

The police blasted warnings over an LRAD and created scooter barricades, but they mostly kept their distance until the march arrived at Madison Square Park, where suddenly the officers charged the crowd and began arresting protestors, sometimes violently throwing them to the ground.

An NYPD spokesperson said that seven protesters were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

After the arrests, the march fizzled out.