Rosario Dawson Goes South in William H. Macy’s “Krystal”


As a filmmaker, William H. Macy has been on a comedy kick lately. Last year, he had Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario play friends fighting over the same dude in The Layover. Now, he goes into quirky overdrive with Krystal. Rosario Dawson plays the title character, a recovering addict with a sex worker past trying to stay clean in a picturesque town in the South. Her life gets more convoluted when she makes the heart of a lovestruck eighteen-year-old guy (Nick Robinson) beat double time. (That’s not a figure of speech — the kid literally has a condition where his heart irregularly races whenever he gets scared or excited.) Krystal is middle-aged damaged goods, with a surly, disabled son (Jacob Latimore) and a crazed ex (rapper Tip “T.I.” Harris) determined to get her back, but the dude is still understandably smitten — after all, it is Rosario Dawson, for Chrissakes!

Although Krystal has such reliable actors as Kathy Bates, William Fichtner, Felicity Huffman, and Macy himself slapping on their best stereotypical, Southern accents in supporting roles, nearly everything these characters do goes beyond the realm of common sense. I don’t have nearly enough space to get into all the stupid shit our guy tries to be near this troubled beauty.

Working from a logic-be-damned script by filmmaker-novelist Will Aldis, Macy attempts to make a coming-of-age story that captures a teen’s first love in all its crazy, complicated splendor. But what this tiresome, out-of-pocket-ass movie actually does is create a painfully kooky, mad world where the only good thing about it is that Rosario Dawson can still turn men into idiots with her presence.

Directed by William H. Macy
Paladin and Great Point Media
Opens April 13, Village East Cinema


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