Manipulative Horror is Difficult to Digest in “Resurrection”

A heinous act from the past proves so monstrous that the film moves into the realm of metaphor.


The narrative screws slowly tighten around Margaret (played by Rebecca Hall) in writer-director Andrew Semans’s sophomore feature, Ressurection. Reviewer Nathaniel Bell notes that both Hall and co-star Tim Roth deliver knockout performances in this feature that sets the dial somewhere between drama and horror.

Roth’s character, David, has done something terrible to Margaret in the past, and now, decades later, he’s nonchalantly dropped back into her life, re-exerting Satanic control over her thoughts and emotions. Bell points out that Roth is a creepily engaging sociopath, and while the narrative goes off the rails, horror fans will want to stick around for a conclusion that may well make this flick a new fave on the cult cinema circuit.

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