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Fanciful Bedroom, Troubled Living Room


Dance always plays a part, more or less, at the American Living Room, Here’s annual summer fest. Director Niegel Smith and choreographer Sarah Edgar presented Limbs, based on letters from injured veterans from WW I through Iraq, including a proud young woman rendered mute by shrapnel. Limbs is driven by monologues, but movement performs multiple duty, carrying information about each veteran’s character, terrifying history, physical challenges, and emotions. Movement also helps critique society and its media, both equally desperate to sweep damaged vets out of sight and mind. Cheryl Conkling’s Wound Up conjures a brassy, ambiguous wonderland in the bedroom of a sleepless little girl (rendered flawlessly by adult actor Roni Geva) who’s afraid of the dark. Life-size music box dolls tap-dance, execute ballet steps, fly on a trapeze, and giddily circumambulate on roller skates. Though annoyingly screechy at times, the piece has charming design and performances.