The 10 Best Femboy OnlyFans and OnlyFans Femboy Creators of 2023


If you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community, you know what a femboy is. If you’re not, look below (in the netherregions of this article) for a sexy definition. 

There are a LOT of incredibly hot femboy OnlyFans models out there to give you exactly the nut you need – you dirty little squirrel!

Because we aim to please, we have compiled a list of OnlyFans femboy creators who are ravishingly exciting for your voyeuristic pleasure. 

Here we go!

Best Femboy OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Femboy OnlyFans Accounts of 2023

  • Femboy Fitness – Top Body Conscious Femboy OnlyFans creator
  • Chiara Tranny – Sexiest Trans OnlyFans Femboy
  • Hanyuu – Best Femboy OnlyFans Demon
  • Katss Kawaii – Best OnlyFans Femboy with a Huge Cock
  • Bugs Maytrix – Hottest Funny OnlyFans Femboys Account
  • Castiel – Cutest Teenage Femboy Only Fans Creator 
  • Danielle – Top Femboy OnlyFans who is a Crossdresser
  • Lala – Naughtiest Twink Femboy OnlyFans Creator
  • Virgo – Top Barely Legal Femboy OnlyFan Model
  • Princess Rosé – Best Asian Legal Femboy OnlyFan Creator


The 10 Best Femboy OnlyFans and OnlyFans Femboy Creators of 2023

1. Femboy Fitness – Top Body Conscious Femboy OnlyFans creator


  • FREE subscription
  • Hailing from your local gym 


Where to follow:


About Femboy Fitness:

Nothing like a fitness nut to make you nut, amirite? 

Femboy Fitness is a generous soul – he likes to “reward” public servants for their service. So if you’re a cop, firefighter, or EMT, this OF creator will be a lifesaver with some kinky shit to get you through your shift. 

According to him, he’s the biggest and strongest femboy around, as long as you don’t expect a beast over 125 pounds. We take this to mean that for a smol guy, he’s really ripped and powerful. Did we mention that he lives in your local gym? Nah, silly. Not really. This hot stuff OnlyFans creator WILL live in your head, though!


2. Chiara Tranny – Sexiest Trans OnlyFans Femboy


  • $6/month subscription, first month
  • Just getting started
  • Hailing from SanFran – what better place is there?


Where to follow:


About Chiara Tranny:


Blurred lines are good. Blurred lines are exciting. Blurred lines are super sexy. 

It’s a boy. It’s a girl. It’s definitely super amazing! Chiara identifies as a trans girl (shemale and femboy), and an incredibly smart one at that. She speaks four languages – English, Spanish, French, and German – which we all know are THE sexiest tongues in the world.  Chiara promises lots of body fluid and, in return, wants nothing more than for you to blow  your top and release the dragon.  Gorgeous, eager to please, and super intelligent for those of you who can actually handle that. 


3. Hanyuu – Best Femboy OnlyFans Demon


  • $8.50/month 
  • Hails from the deepest depths of hell
  • 17K likes (You dirty freaks! You know who you are!)


Where to follow:


About Hanyuu:

This guy talks some scary but sexy AF shit. Suck our brains out? If he’s gonna take residence there he might as well. And oh, is he pretty!

Hanyuu is a gamer, a cowboi, and a BIG boy despite his slender frame. You get the idea, right? Hung, that’s it! This young blood’s (22 yo) favorite saying is that you can’t spell Succubus without “Succ”. Damn. We’ll go to hell and back for that even if it frightens the shit out of lust.  Say it with us: We conjure you, demon…!


4. Katss Kawaii – Best OnlyFans Femboy with a Huge Cock


  • 75% discount for first month at $4.25
  • Regular pricing $17/month


Where to follow:


About Katss Kawaii:

Eight-inch Katss offers a full lineup of dirty deeds and femboy companionship.Subscribe to see what glorious things this dick can do! This dirty Katss plays alone or in tandem, performs striptease shows, sucks his partner’s dick til they cum to god, and chokes his own monkey for your viewing pleasure. 

They’re also into gaming and anime. Great conversation starters, so go for it!


5. Bugs Maytrix – Hottest Funny OnlyFans Femboys Account


  • $5 for the first month
  • Regular pricing $10/month


Where to follow:


About Bugs Maytrix:

Bugs thinks that hot and funny don’t match, but we disagree! Sex is funny, and funny is sexy. End of story. 

We adore their ultra feminine appearance and the tasty bubble butt any chick would envy. And the serious makeup skills. And the sense of fashion. Hell, Bugs is a sexier slut than many of the chicks out there. You don’t have to take our word for it. Sign up and watch Bugs fuck like a bunny. 


6. Castiel – Cutest Teenage Femboy Only Fans Creator 


  • $6.66/month; devillish (yeah, we notice the deets)
  • Twink


Where to follow:


About Castiel:

Ivy League student, fashionista, petite but with a BWC. And only 19. Oh, the possibilities. If you wanna watch young Castiel ride big dildo, now’s the time to hit “Subscribe”. 


7. Danielle – Top Femboy OnlyFans who is a Crossdresser


  • $7/month
  • Anonymous sign-up


Where to follow:


About Danielle:

Danielle adores foot fetish entertainment, ass play, uncensored content, and the sexting girlfriend experience. Customized videos and photos are part of the parcel. She’s kinky as fuck, and rates cocks without mercy. Did we mention ass play? Yep, ass play it is!  There’s a lot to unpack here. Just go see Danielle!


8. Lala – Naughtiest Twink Femboy OnlyFans Creator


  • $9/month
  • Catboy/Gothboy


Where to follow:


About Lala:

Lala is into big cock and juicy ass. They create solo and duo videos each week, at a bargain subscription rate for only $9. You can afford this basement pricing unless you’re living in a basement, right? (Joking, of course – the economy is a bitch). A subscription to Lala’s page gives you access to all the raunchy videos on their timeline. Just sayin’. 


9. Virgo – Top Barely Legal Femboy OnlyFan Model


  • $7/month
  • Tgirl femboy


Where to follow:


About Danielle:

Virgo means virgin, but we don’t think so. This spicy Virgo, although only a hot and horny 20 years old, loves getting their asshole stretched. And that’s not something the uninitiated would say. Clearly, this Virgo adores huge cock to get kinky with. Click subscribe today! She really is cute as hell and definitely worth your half-hourly pay rate at work. 


10. Princess Rosé – Best Asian Femboy OnlyFan Creator


  • $5/month
  • 2,000+ photos


Where to follow:


About Princess Rosé:

Like a Rosé wine, the refreshing mixture between red and white, Danielle breathes a bit of the unknown, a little mystery into bah-humbug everyday erotic encounters. Their smoking hot Asian looks make an evening with Rosé all the more exciting!

She is a vixen extraordinaire who doesn’t beat around the bush – amazing femboy Only Fans content is what you came to see, and it’s what you’ll get! Add in the spice of Asian allure and you have the perfect package for only $5 a month. 

Rosé promises full length videos for you to jerk off to anywhere, anytime. Think locker rooms, basements, attics, and English garden gazebos. Remember Rosé made it happen.  Anal cumshots. Clear my calendar!


The Best Femboy OnlyFans FAQ

Q: You mentioned best Femboy OnlyFans creator Hanyuu, and that he’s a cowboi. What the hell is that all about?

A: Nothing. Nothing at all. In this case, boi just means boy. It’s a good question, because in the adult industry, most acronyms and misspellings have a meaning. In this case, curiously, none that we’re aware of. Boi = boy.

Q: Who or what is a femboy? Pray tell!

A: It’s nothing more, really, than a simple conjunctive abbreviation. In most instances, femboy means “feminine boy.” In other words, a male who appears (or wants to appear female). 

Trans people often consider themselves femboys as they transition to their desired sexuality. 

Q: How do I filter for femboys with specific attributes on OnlyFans?

A: You don’t because you can’t. Filtering by category or feature is difficult on OF, but, an OnlyFans search engine built by a third party, allows you to search a database of millions of Only Fans creators in seconds. 

Try it. You’ll love it.


Femboy OnlyFans in Conclusion

There’s something very vulnerable about femboys. A gentleness that is endearing. A creative spirit that inspires. And a sensuality that delivers happy endings. 

Don’t mistake femboys’ femininity for weakness. Like strong women, they burst with confidence, power, and assertiveness. 

Choose love.

For more of the best OnlyFans girls, be sure to check out our Best OnlyFans 2023 guide.

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