10 Best OnlyFans Couples of 2022 (Couple Only Fans)

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It is easy to see the OnlyFans platform is a kind of XXX playground, and many men (and women) use it in exactly that way. It is not unusual for an OnlyFans addiction to become a private, and even a secret, affair, but there is no reason to keep it under wraps any longer. 

If you have been reluctant to share your love of online intimacy and sexual adventure with your significant other or your spouse, it may be time to come clean, and we have just the accounts for you and your lover. You see OnlyFans is not just a place for hot young, and not so young, ladies to strut their stuff and flaunt their sexual escapades – it is also a wonderful place for couples to share themselves, along with their X-rated bedroom adventures.

Indeed, the number of loving couples setting up shop on OnlyFans has been on the rise, and for good reason. Whether they are straight or gay, bisexual or pansexual, exclusive or open, couples on OnlyFans get off on having an audience, and being able to share their raunchiest and randiest videos with the world just makes their intimacy that much more exciting.

If you would like to learn more about the couples side of OnlyFans, just sit back and relax. By the time you are done reading you will be ready to grab your own spouse and do some adventures of your own. And whether you end up joining these exhibitionist couples with an OnlyFans account of your own or just watch from a safe distance, you are sure to have a great time. With that in mind, here are our picks for the hottest, the most intimate and the most adventurous couples the best OnlyFans universe has to offer.

Best OnlyFans Girls: Featured This Month

Best Couple OnlyFans Accounts of 2022

#1. Shay Baby – Hottest Hot Wife

Some of the onlyfans couples on our list are newlyweds, while others have been married for many years. Still others are boyfriend and girlfriend, while others are siblings and mother and daughter. Topping our list of married couples are the amazing Shay Baby and her partner, and it does not get any better than this. 

The world of hot wives does not get any hotter than this, and the aptly named Shay Baby clearly has it going on. If your wife was this hot, you might not be on the OnlyFans platform at all, and this hot young lady and her lucky sexual costar will surely fuel your fantasies and leave you drained and deeply satisfied.

If your real life wife does look like this, why not ask her to join you as you get off to the amazing Shay Baby and her partner? Shay Baby loves to welcome other couples to her OnlyFans page, and into her virtual bedroom. If you love your couples naughty, nude and raring to go, this is the account for you, so why not sign up and see what they are up to?

#2. XWifeKaren – Hottest Ex

There is no such thing as a typical onlyfans couple, and our online duos come in all shapes, sizes and iterations. Sometimes the hottest couples are the ones who got away, and such is the case with the aptly named XwifeKaren. She may be an ex-wife, but Karen is clearly sexually experienced, and her scene partner is certainly glad that she is around. Let’s face it – if you own ex-wife looked like this, you would still be happily married, but now you can live out your wettest and wildest fantasies right from the privacy of your computer screen. 

The fact that so many single men (and women) tune in to her videos is a point of pride for XwifeKaren, but the owner of one of the hottest couples OnlyFans accounts is also thrilled when other real life couples stop by to see what she is up to. If you have been keeping your OnlyFans obsession under wraps and are ready to share it with your spouse, you might want to check out this lovely couple together – what a great way to get your motor running for free.

#3. Brandi Love – Best MILF

It is no surprise that so many of the OnlyFans couples on our list are older folks – after all, it takes a high level of emotional maturity to share your sexual adventures with the world, and an even higher level of confidence to let it all hang out – quite literally. Given the large number of older men and women in this particular part of the OnlyFans universe, it is only fitting that we focus our attention on one of the hottest, wettest and wildest MILFs you will ever see – and her lucky partner.

If you are even slightly acquainted with the world of OnlyFans, you have no doubt heard the name Brandi Love before. This hot older lady is the kind of neighborhood mom you wish you had when you were growing up, the one that would have fueled those teenage fantasies and left you deeply satisfied. And while high school may be long over, you have a chance to make up for lost time, and all it takes is a subscription to her page, so sign on, tune in and get off today. 

#4. Naughty Siblings – Hottest in the Family Account

The world of couples onlyfans accounts is wide, deep and undeniably hot, and that brings us to the next entry on our list.

While many of the couples on the OnlyFans site, and an overwhelming number on our list, are married couples, others are even more adventurous. Such is the case with the next pair on our list – porn costars who literally grew up with one another.

If you have a thing for incest porn and a taste for hot young ladies, the well named Naughty Siblings have you covered – literally. Both of the eponymous Naughty Siblings share a love of all things erotic, and their love of sex and sexual adventure is apparent from only the quickest of glances. Not that you will want to look away once you see these two lovely ladies in action – instead you will want to stick around until you are fully satisfied, so plan to watch to your heart’s and your dick’s content.

#5. Di and Nick – Hottest Corn Fed Midwest Couple

As we compiled our list of the best only fans couples we thought it was high time we set a few things straight. For instance, there is a troubling misconception that most of the OnlyFans superstars hail from the two coasts, and that they are all hanging out on the beaches of Florida and California. And while it is true that some states are overrepresented, it is also true that OnlyFans couples comes from every walk of life, and every state in the union.

If you think that the worlds of corn fed Midwesterners and hot bedroom action are incompatible, you clearly have never met Di and Nick. This loving couple enjoy their bodies, and they love to show off for their eager audience. When you sign up for a subscription to this, one of the hottest couples OnlyFans accounts on the web, you can see this amazing duo fuck, suck and cuddle their way into your hearts, and your pants. Why not sign up for a subscription and work your way through their generous assortment of videos and photos? You will not be disappointed. 

#6. Jack and Jill’s Sexual Adventures – Best Uploading Schedule

Some of the couples on our list have a lot of other things going on, from full time jobs that take up most of their time to kids and families who compete for their attention. As a result, some of our hottest couples do not upload new content nearly as often as we would like, but such is not the case with the undeniably hot Jack and Jill.

If you know Jack and Jill from the nursery rhymes you enjoyed as a child, you might want to rethink your expectations and recalibrate your desires. You see the Jack and Jill who went up the hill to fetch a pail of water were never like this, and this hot couple are clearly up to something far more sexy and erotic. Jack and Jill are one amazing couple, and when you sign up and log on you can see them fuck and suck their way to internet stardom.

#7. Booty & the Beast – Coolest Name

If you are of a certain age, you may have grown up with Booty and the Beast. Maybe you tuned into the popular TV show; perhaps you sat through endless iterations of the animated movie. You may have even caught a live performance, either on the screen or on the ice.

No matter what version of Beauty and the Beast you were enjoying, we are sure it was never quite like the couple you are about to meet next. Their screen name may be a play on the popular Beauty and the Beast franchise, but there is nothing kid friendly or G-rated about what they have to offer. This amazing couple loves to show off for the camera, and it is clear they care for one another deeply, so why not tune in and see what they have going on?

#8. Ellie & Lou – Most Romantic Choice

Some of the best couple onlyfans creators are also suitable role models for your real world relationships, and such is the case with the lovely Ellie & Lou. If your wife, girlfriend or significant other does not quite understand your OnlyFans obsession, you might want to introduce her to the next couple on our list. While some people think that OnlyFans in particular and online porn in general are all about sucking, fucking and getting off, there is a softer and more romantic side to this world as well, and Ellie and Lou are the perfect example.

If you love your online sex romantic and deeply loving, this is the page for you. Ellie and Lou are clearly in love, and they enjoy showing off their erotic and sexual adventures with their growing legions of internet fans. This is the perfect introduction to the romantic side of OnlyFans, and when your wife or girlfriend gets a look at it she is sure to be impressed – and you will be the lucky recipient of her deep seated thanks. 

#9. Jade & Jake – Best Tats

If you have been a fan of the OnlyFans platform for some time, you may have noticed that many of the young men and young ladies on the site have lots of ink – the tattoo community is certainly well represented here. There are plenty of tats on those hot taught bodies, but the number of hot tattoed couples is considerably smaller, and that brings us to the next pair on our list.

Jade and Jake top our list of the best and hottest tattoed couples on our list, and it is clear that their beauty is more than just skin deep. When you first get a look at this pair, your eyes will surely be drawn to the amazing artwork adorning their skin, but your eyes will quickly wander to the action south of the border. This couple knows how to fuck, and they know how to shoot an amazing X-rated video as well. So why not sign up and see what Jade & Jake are up to – you will not be disappointed and your dick will surely thank you.  

#10. Karly and Mom – Best Mother and Daughter Reunion

While most of the couples on our list are of the married, or at least cohabiting variety, that is not the case with everyone. Sometimes the best couples keep it all in the family, and that is certainly true of the lovely Karly and her equally lovely mom. Whether your relationship with your own mother is close, fraught or somewhere in between, we think it is safe to say that you and mom are not quite this close – or nearly this hot.

When Karly turned 18 and turned to porn, she knew exactly who she wanted her on screen costar to be, and she did not have to look far. You see Karly was blessed with not only a smoking hot body and an amazing pair of tits – she was also blessed with one hot mom – an older lady who is not afraid to get down and dirty. Now Karly and her mom are fucking, sucking and filming their way to OnlyFans success, much to the delight of their growing legions of fans. If you always wanted to know what the hot mom in the neighborhood was up to, now is your chance to find out, and all it takes is the price of a subscription.


The OnlyFans universe is wide and deep, with plenty of superstars and up and comers from all walks of life. If you love to watch tiny Asian girls fuck and suck, you can find plenty of content here to satisfy your fantasies and spark your desires. If your tastes run toward chicks with dicks and hot trans action, you can find that two, with gals and guys in all stages of transition.

If you want to see moms and daughters who share a love of sex, romantic couples who long to show off for their fans and naughty siblings who want to get down and dirty, you can find that as well, all courtesy of one of the least well known corners of the OnlyFans universe. In compiling our list of the 10 best couples only fans we have seen them all, and we have worked hard to pick out the hottest, the most loving, the most romantic and the most satisfying men and women out there. 

Couples are well represented on the OnlyFans platform, and these duos come in all shapes, sizes and relationship statuses. Whether you want to see a hot divorcee get down and dirty, a lovely MILF suck her husband off or a romantic couple making love, you can see all of this and more, all courtesy of our carefully curated best OnlyFans list.

Maybe you will agree with every ranking on our list. Perhaps you will quibble with who we chose or how it all shook out. Either way you are sure to have a great time exploring, and now it is your turn to start watching. So go forth, grab your favorite device and get ready to have a rollicking and sexy good time.