Here’s An Interview With Tyler Clementi’s (Now) Gay-Friendly Parents


For the first time since the man who drove their son to suicide was released from jail (after a laughable 20 days behind bars), the parents of Tyler Clementi are speaking out.

Jane and Joe Clementi, and his older brother James, sat down with NBC’s Lester Holt to talk about their son’s tragic death (Tyler, for anyone who doesn’t already know, threw himself off the George Washington Bridge after a classmate, Dharun Ravi, streamed video over the Internet of Clementi making out with another man). Turns out, the devoutly Christian (read: fagala-phobic) Clementis have since changed their tune when it comes to homosexuality being a sin.

After telling Jane Clementi he was gay just prior to his first day at Rutgers, Clementi told a friend he felt “rejected” by his uber-Christian mother, which later prompted New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser to suggest that the grieving mother is somehow to blame for her son’s death and should be prosecuted.

The Clementis now have a different — human — view of homosexuality, and even have started a foundation to help other kids Tyler’s age who are struggling with their sexuality.