Fade to Black

Bewitched, Beloved, and Bewildered

Wilson: But also contrast that with the Slam line—"Yeah, it's fucked up you were born Black"—it'll make you go see Belly again.

Tate: What bodes well for [director] Hype [Williams]'s future is that he made a film that attempted to seduce his generation and to confront them with an incredible betrayal of their affection for DMX.

Jafa: I feel it was brave in terms of alienating the audience who was supposed to subsidize the film.

Elise and Newton as Beloved's twisted sisters
Ken Regan/ Camera 5
Elise and Newton as Beloved's twisted sisters

Wilson: My problem with the film is the women, because I was down with Belly, but if I meet Hype I'm going to have to ask him, 'What, you never met any sisters? Would you like to see one for research?'

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