Multi-Personalities on the mic, all shook up

The missing link between Sun Ra and Zapp?

Jeremy Larner, "an aggressive young kid" (Keith says) and the rapper's first manager in years, will certainly have his hands full with his new client, famed for his acrimonious partnerships. In Keith's most recent flap, Kut Masta Kurt—the DJ and producer on his three previous records—surreptitiously faxed a letter to a number of media outlets explaining his partner's recent absence from a number of European festival dates. It opened: "By now I'm sure you have heard about Kool Keith's commitment to the sanitorium. He could be there for weeks or even months." Keith subsequently released a denial, threatened to withdraw First Come, First Served to effectively deny Kurt his royalties, canceled an L.A. show under mysterious circumstances (by now a habit of his), and finally proceeded to make up with Kurt, who is now back on board for an upcoming tour.

One is tempted to encourage Keith with the same words he shares with a character in Champions, a new straight-to-video B movie about extreme fighting in which Keith has a recurring cameo role as himself. "You go, boy," he says to one of the colorfully psychotic combatants. "You's a crazy motherfucker." 

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