Heads or Tails

Recipient of a windy, bizarrely Olympian air kiss from David Thomson in the current issue of Film Comment, Lee shows little more here than the guts to tackle bloody action. He'll never be mistaken for John Woo but he does at least reward Jewel's fanboys—they need only be patient and accept that her undraped form will be attached to a nursing baby.

The long strange trip of American history gets a footnote this Saturday at the Whitney Museum with two artifacts recording the mid-'60s antics of LSD cowboy Ken Kesey. I haven't seen Intrepid Traveler and His Merry Band of Pranksters Search for a Cool Place, the newly reedited footage from Kesey's epochal on-the-road in a Day-Glo school bus—although a version shown at the Whitney some years back was disconcertingly, if unsurprisingly, incoherent. Acid Test, on the other hand, would scarcely have been out of place at last week's Margaret Mead fest.

Less grim than Grimm: Depp and Ricci in Sleepy Hollow
photo: Clive Coote
Less grim than Grimm: Depp and Ricci in Sleepy Hollow


Sleepy Hollow
Directed by Tim Burton
Written by Andrew Kevin Walker
A Paramount Pictures release

Ride With the Devil
Directed by Ang Lee
Written by James Schamus from the novel Woe to Live On by Daniel Woodrell

This 55-minute compilation of material from the influential mixed-media events (dis)organized by the Pranksters for San Francisco's haute lysergic bohemia is not just a precious Deadhead relic but a Stone Age rave, if not a key moment in the invention of the disco—whacked-out kids with painted faces bopping the acid frug amid strobe lights and orchestrated feedback in the Saturday Night Fever of 1966. Coincidentally, the Walter Reade is offering a current example of Bay Area projection-performance. Luis Recorder, who has his first New York show Monday night, loops and bi-packs various types of found footage to achieve an impressively drug-free form of derangement.

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