Rampant Exhibitionism

Museum: Howe words become images
Photo: Cary Conover
Museum: Howe words become images


By Tina Howe
Connelly Theatre
220 East 4th Street

Having said that, I'd probably be going against my principles if I singled out any individual performances. So I will, just to show that there aren't any principles where contemporary art's concerned: Kate Hampton as a curator and a souvenir shopper, Chris Hutchison as the most persistent photographer, Jennifer Gibbs as the last of them to arrive, Lael Logan as a girl with a strange fixation on Agnes Vaag's sculptures, and the matched couples—two upscale shopaholic ladies and two gay male culture-vultures—whose perfectly rhythmed quartet is the evening's high point, Susan Blackwell, Christa Scott-Reed, Brennan Brown, and Tony Hale. This isn't to dispraise the others, or to dismiss the other roles in which those I've named turn up, simply to assert that Museum lives up to its title in yet another way: by having so much on display that one visit isn't enough to take it all in.

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