His Own Private Biopic

Gus Van Sant resurrects the ever enigmatic Kurt Cobain with a lyrical blast from the avant-garde

Ah, yes—the elephant in the room. Has Courtney Love—who "appears" in Last Days as a voice screaming at one of Blake's many roommates over the phone—been invited to see the movie?

Gus Van Sant
photo: Robin Holland
Gus Van Sant


KURTAIN CALL: A decade after his death, a new movie imagines the final days of Nirvana's elusive frontman

  • Former 'Dawson's Creek' Star Tackles a Mythic Musician
    by Laura Sinagra

  • All Van Sant's Cowboys Get the Blues
    by Joshua Clover

  • Audio Guru Finds a Method for Cobain's Mumbles
    by Joshua Land

  • 'Last Days' Misses Out on Cobain's Populist Passion
    by Robert Christgau

  • Peril-Fraught Subgenre of the Rockstar Movie
    by Jessica Winter

  • Flashback: Our '94 Report on Cobain's Suicide
    by Ann Powers
  • "I want her to see it," says Van Sant, "because I know her and I wanted to offer her the opportunity. She just hasn't had maybe the emotional chance to see it. I think it's a very big thing [for her]. I know that if somebody made a film about someone I knew very well who died, I wouldn't necessarily have to rush out and see it—because I have my own relationship to that person. So I can see why it might take a while. Or, you know, she might not see it at all."

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