Little Brother's Retirement Party

Yes, these hip-hop shape-shifters are breaking up. Don't get sentimental about it.

This nonchalance is in keeping with the Little Brother legacy, which wasn't so much political as personal—which, of course, sometimes got political. They brought a sense of regular-ass, all-bullshit-aside sincerity back into hip-hop that's now being mined, to varying degrees of success, by most radio rappers (Drake has called Phonte his favorite emcee). But none of this is fodder for Leftback; instead, these hard-heads just rap. Pooh sets the scene: "It's my last day on the job. So let's party!"

He chuckles, but he's serious, too. "That's what Leftback's almost like: We're throwing a Little Brother retirement party. That's not what we intentionally sought out to do, but that's how it worked out." There's a pause, followed by a wry grin. "And then it just ends. Party over!"

Happy or not, it's an ending.
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Happy or not, it's an ending.

Little Brother play Highline Ballroom May 11

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