Tyler, the Creator's Boy's Club

His violent, difficult Goblin talks itself into a corner

Instead, Tyler keeps talking. He tacks an awkward PSA to the front of "Radicals," Goblin's straight-up hilarious "Break Shit" moment, which he caps with the empty provocation "fuck Bill O'Reilly." "Radicals" empties the political connotations of that term but keeps the shell, filling it with the more flexible signifier drawn from skate culture. It's like Tyler saw how "Fuck you/I won't do what you tell me" devolved in a flash from molotovs to Jager bombs, and thought it the perfect branding opportunity. (If only "Kill People/Burn Shit/Fuck School" hadn’t already been perfected—with a catchy tune, no less—by Alice Cooper nearly 40 years ago.) When the meds kick in at song's end, you can almost see him drowsily punching the air as he conks out after his tantrum.

Tyler, the Creator at (relative) rest
Mehan Jayasuriya
Tyler, the Creator at (relative) rest

Goblin's highest points and most infuriating moments come from the fact that it's a vérité depiction of the worst aspects of American boy culture. You know, hating girls because they don't like you because you're a weirdo, hating any and all authority figures because they try to tell you how not to be such a weirdo. But most importantly (and scarily), there's the part that involves lashing out about being viewed as a weirdo, and being summarily rewarded—i.e. seen as normal—for doing so. (It probably goes without saying that girls don't have the same luxury.) Nobody cares about Tyler the Creator being someone's role model in 2011. Which in a way, is the scariest thing about Goblin—too much of his scary fantasizing, for too many boys, is all too normal.

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