OBIES 2011: Take This Job and Fill It

The theater is missing some major figures. Who'll step up now?

I don’t mean to say that it isn’t already happening. I urge it on because it’s already there, and I say that it will defy the gun we’re under, and will prove more important in the long run than all the media jargon and accusatory crud spewed out these days over anyone who tries to do anything good or valuable or even moderately honest and meaningful. I see artists with spaces making homes and chances for other artists; I see chances cropping up everywhere. In the weird boom-bust of our unstable economy, I see vacant real estate, which always means a place for new theaters to roost if they have strong arguers or good finaglers to give them a hand. La MaMa lives in a former pretzel factory; Wilson’s Circle Rep began in the vacant loft above a supermarket.

True, friends with deep pockets helped them out, but theaters have an amazing gift for acquiring friends. When people start muttering about the grim future, I think of the past, when people also muttered, constantly, that there was no longer any hope for acting, for playwriting, for anything creative to happen in the theater. “We give birth,” says Beckett’s Vladimir, “astride a grave.” Pessimists see the grave; optimists see the birth.

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Leigh Silverman: A double directing deed—Obie winner for In the Wake and Go Back to Where You Are
Chad Griffith
Leigh Silverman: A double directing deed—Obie winner for In the Wake and Go Back to Where You Are

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Obie Observer
Obie Observer

Giving Ethan Hawke an award for acting? Bwahahahah... Whoops, there goes what's left of your credibility!


Please Village Voice do not use the verb win with the noun award. I know I know it is so tempting but its wrong and also inappropriate. Artists don't win anything. The Obi's are especially empathic to this concept. Why the year I received mine there were several actors who also received an award.We weren't competing. And more important none of us won and therefore none of our colleagues lost. Paul Hecht

Nightmare on Mainstreet
Nightmare on Mainstreet

Obama is doing his best to fill these American jobs by encouraging illegal immigration and (in true nightmare fashion) calling it a "dreamt"!

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