Patton Oswalt Was Once a Young Adult, Has Aged, Reflects

Comedian of dramedy

Then this other time, we walked by Golden Apple Comics on Melrose, and they have a full-size Spider-Man statue out front, and she was screaming. You have to go, "Well, she doesn't know the context." It's a weird guy in dark red and blue with these insect eyes and no facial features. Yeah, that is scary! Getting to see those moments, it's a reminder of when you were growing up. You have to form the world without context.

Since we're in December, and I know you're a movie buff, what films meant the most to you in 2011? This is going to be one of those movie years like 1939 and 1968. It'll take about 20 years, and people will look back and realize all of the little quiet revolutions that changed everything. If you look at movies like Bellflower, Septien, and Martha Marcy May Marlene, this was the first year that people really started going: "Fuck it, I'm going to shoot a film. I don't know what I'm going to do with it; I just want to make a movie." You can now perceive the new New Hollywood with little films like that.

By the way, it's so odd how that aesthetic is also working its way back into the old masters like Terrence Malick. Tree of Life, as brilliantly organized and structured and crystalline as that movie is, there is that feeling of, "Let's just shoot stuff, and this will all make sense later."

When are you going to? If I ever get the courage. The thing is, I've been in so many movies, and I see what these directors go through. I have to figure out: "What's the year that I'm OK with aging 10 years in one month? When am I comfortable doing that?" Especially nowadays, directors are the new flagellants: "I'm going to beat myself until my deity steps in and goes, 'OK, I get it. Fine, you can ascend. Geez, stop it.'" It's like these guys do it until the distributor goes, "OK, fine, we'll put it out! Aaaah!"

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