“I’ve gotten a lot more from having great genes than I’ve lost,” Tatum says. But, “no one calls me for stock brokers.” (No one except for Soderbergh, who cast Tatum as just that in the upcoming thriller Bitter Pill.) “I know what people want to see me in, but you don’t always want to do that, you wanna grow.”


Directed by Steven Soderbergh
Relativity Media
Opens January 20
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That's a yearning that Carano can relate to. While not quite fully installed in a new career (“I’m not like a Hollywood actress—I’m thicker, for one thing”), her dabbling in movie stardom has led to blowback from her former community. “The fighting world, they feel like they own you. They don’t want to share," she says. "It’s almost like having an ex-boyfriend you’re still friends with. You’re like, ‘We can still hang out’—which never works.”

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