The Decoy Bride


The Decoy Bride
Directed by Sheree Folkson
IFC Films
Opens March 9

Pernicious tripe suitable only for masochists and the intellectually disabled, Sheree Folkson's rom-com tracks the shenanigans endured by a romantically frustrated 30-year-old (the sternly beautiful Kelly Macdonald) as she reluctantly retreats to her dour, rainy island hometown up in the Hebrides only to find the spot of turf invaded by a paparazzi-plagued American movie goddess (Alice Eve) looking for a place to get privately married. Scottish codgers with babbling burrs clash with cynical Yank publicists, and Macdonald's sad maiden gets embroiled in contrivance-choked ways that only begin with the titular gag. The supposedly frothy tone is tarry and flavorless, and the drill is painfully familiar: three bouncy-dumb song interludes in the first five minutes, comic chases and pratfalls in wedding dresses, constant and toxic doses of cute, a comeuppance for the vain and wealthy Americans, romance for the modest heroine (but only after swapping insults with ostensible groom-to-be David Tennant, which means he'll be the lucky schmuck in the end). If you don't bridle at the pandering, nothing bothers you.

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This movie made me laugh. It was a fresh escape from the pointless garbage that makes up most of the recent American romance comedy films. I consider myself of above average intelligence, and this movie kept me entertained far more than some high dollar, mind numbingly stupid warewolf/vampire fluff ever would!

Amber Topping
Amber Topping

What a pretentious and even nasty review. Someone is intellectually disabled if they enjoy this film? They are even masochists? Talk about exaggerating. First of all, having seen the film myself, I'm not really quite sure what warrants such hatred for it. It's exactly what it aspires to be: Cute and entertaining with a likeable cast. Sometimes the audience doesn't have to be wowed with "art" to enjoy a film.Though why a romantic comedy can rarely be considered "art" anymore is beyond me. I smiled all the way through and think anyone who enjoys romantic entertainment will probably like it. It may not be the best romantic comedy of all time, but it's far from the worst. And from a personal perspective it's one of my favorites. There was actually a lot about it that was refreshing. It's nice to watch a romantic comedy where some Saturday Night Live Actor isn't the romantic lead, or the real audience intended is for men rather than women. Besides it already escapes one cliche by casting Kelly Macdonald and David Tennant in the leads. Sometimes something familiar mixed with something new (the leads) is just what one wants to watch. To be honest, I quite liked it and would watch it again.


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