You Are Here


You Are Here
Directed by Daniel Cockburn
Opens May 11, ReRun Gastropub Theater

Devoid of a traditional tethering narrative, You Are Here tackles philosophical questions about the relationship between technology and thought via a series of loosely intertwined vignettes. Daniel Cockburn's experimental feature opens with a lecturer in front of a video projection of rolling waves asking his audience (i.e., us) to follow a red laser-pointer dot on the screen while simultaneously paying no heed to it, a go-with-the-flow request also asked by this film. The thematic issue of whether media and modern machinery can bring meaning to a constantly mutating reality is omnipresent, whether we're watching a cadre of operators use phones to track incoming callers or archivist Tracy Wright use photos and filing systems to catalog and interpret audio-video clues she finds on the street. Overlapping story threads, voices, and imagery result in an atmosphere of disquieting psychological confusion.

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