A Short History of Cinema's Long Passing

The sky keeps falling!

A spectacular flop.
A spectacular flop.

2000s: Video games outsell films. The digital revolution's new advances undermine the hallowed veracity of the photographic, analog, celluloid image. The remaining theatrical audience begins its final, inexorable contraction as viewers retreat behind laptops, iPhones, YouTube, XTube, et al., and rampant piracy bites into profit margins. "Mumblecore" is deemed important, and defined-in-opposition festival/art house aridity reaches an all-time high. The exodus from print media shifts chicken-little rhetoric into the digital realm, Internet think pieces on the death of cinema, ad nauseam. After a long illness, cinema is finally to be laid to rest at a service outside the Edison Labs in West Orange, New Jersey, on November 14, 2012. It will be buried in a Black Maria.

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I suspect that most art in history has had a gimmicky quality in the sense that it was made to sell. This article highlights cinema particularly and I feel a bit unjustly although I am sympathetic to this notion of it having never been lively as a popularly accepted art form rather than a form of entertainment. This has seemed to me a habit of American popular culture, to differentiate between entertainment and art. To me though this dichotomy seems to say more about the people than the medium in question


Great article! Film, and photography, has been derided as an art-form for a century. Always interesting to peer into the crypt of long dead reviews to see how wrong they were. Film is dead! long live (digital) film.


I don't really know where to start with this comment, so I'm just going to say it bluntly. That really sucked. You didn't mention anything other than how it has failed as a business. There's a lot more to it than that. You referenced only like five movies and just scoffed them. Maybe if you took out all of that hate you have jingling up in there, sat down and just watched a movie for the hell of it, you would stop being such a pretentious ass. 


Call it simple entertainment, or call it the pinnacle of all previous art (writing, photography, acting, set design, music, etc.), I'm just going to say that you're pretty misinformed. 


There are still really good movies being made all over the world. If you were to stop writing articles on how cinema was dying and start writing some positive stuff promoting new, good movies, you would probably get more enjoyment out of them. Stop taking it so seriously. They're for everyone to enjoy, not criticize, asshole.



 my advice:


take a nap, have some coffee, and try reading the article again maybe?


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