Silver Linings Playbook
Written and directed by David O. Russell
The Weinstein Company
Opens November 14

Manic as it might be stylistically, emotionally Silver Linings Playbook maintains too even of a keel. It's a film about the alienated that makes sure to alienate no one, a movie depicting wild mood extremes that never rises or falls above a dull hum of diversion, never exploding into riotous comedy or daring to be devastatingly sad. Its chaos is always tightly controlled. Russell has made a great movie about American malaise; this isn't it.

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Yours is the most accurate review of this film that I've come across. Thank you.


Bipolar disorder isn't a spirit, it's a disease. I guess no one fact checks at the Voice anymore...


Well that review was pointless. If I'm summarizing it correctly, the reviewer likes the "old" Russell better when he was supposedly edgier (and making poorer films, but whatever), the film is too escapist when dealing with a "serious" subject like mental illness (and apparently the audience too stupid to know the difference between a movie and real life), and the movie is not chaotic enough to suit the reviewer's private vision of American life, or something. Was the screenplay good? The acting? Was the movie entertaining? (outmoded notion I know). Who can tell from this review. As a helpful rule, if a reviewer needs  to be so longwinded in explaining his/her attitude towards a film, chances are the film is worth seeing. I'd say this one very much so.  


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