John Hyams Is the Best Action Director Working Today

Dedicated to the abstract and the ass-kicking

Photographed by Ed Fox; Location C.A.V.E. Gallery, Venice CA

There would be no Day of Reckoning, however, without the intimidating menace of Van Damme (whose "reptilian intensity" Hyams compares to that of Klaus Kinski) or the scary-funny charisma of Lundgren as Deveraux's evangelical right-hand man—who, as always, suffers a gruesome final fate. That recurring gag "has certainly become a great punchline," Hyams says with a laugh, though he admits that, after a while, Day of Reckoning itself plays like the grimmest of comedies. "We were going for a very serious, very grave tone, which at a certain point to me becomes completely hilarious—when you're in the last act of this movie, and our hero is literally covered head to toe in blood like Carrie. By the time you get to the fight with Dolph, it's like the theater of the absurd."

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Great chat.  Confirms most of my positive thoughts concerning DAY OF RECKONING, which I can't wait to see again in 3D.  

This guy John Hyams is in full control of these UniSol movies, 2 of the best action movies of the past several years, so I hope he keeps making them.  


Dude comes off as beeing a bit full of himself!


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