The Thrilling Manhunt of Zero Dark Thirty

Darkness on the edge of town

When the raid finally comes, it's almost an anticlimax, not because we know bin Laden will be there, but because even if we didn't, Maya's unshakable faith would by now have us convinced. Still, the sequence reconfirms Bigelow as a master of high-tech action, from the modified Black Hawk helicopters slicing silently through the Abbottabad skies to the precisely choreographed storming of the compound itself—all of it captured in a mixture of night vision and pellucid HD videography by cameraman Greig Fraser. Bigelow and Boal don't overly heroicize the mission—no literal or figurative flag-waving, no panting orchestral score—in part because they take the heroism to be self-evident and in part because they marvel at the smooth professionalism of the SEALs, who manage to bag bin Laden swiftly and with a minimum of collateral damage, as if it really were just another day at the office. It's only a few scenes later that Zero Dark Thirty reaches its true emotional peak, when Maya, framed in medium close-up, does something we haven't seen her do for the past two and a half hours. She exhales.


Zero Dark Thirty
Directed by Kathryn Bigelow
Opens December 19

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The thrilling hunt for the guy who masterminded 9/11 after we trained him to do it. America fuck yeah!


Torture did not result in finding Obama bin Laden despite the shameless propaganda claiming otherwise spewed out by this film. Director Bigelow's pretense that this picture has no agenda is self serving nonsense. Zero Dark Thirty is a naked appeal to super-patriot idiots who believe " enhanced interrogation techniques " were actually responsible for locating the al-Qaeda leader. Apparently manys movie reviewers fall into that category. They lead the mob in believing a lie that torture works just the sort of brainless mass appeal which helps win an Oscar. After all that's what is really important for Bigelow and company.


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