While Relevant, The Muslims Are Coming! Feels More Like a PSA than a Comedy

While Relevant, <i>The Muslims Are Coming!</i> Feels More Like a PSA than a Comedy

One part stand-up comedy concert film (think Kings of Comedy) to two parts social outreach activism, documentary The Muslims Are Coming! works somewhat better as the latter than the former. Co-directed by comedians Negin Farsad and Dean Obeidallah, the film follows a diverse group of American Muslim comics as they trek across the South (Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee) performing stand-up largely centered on their experiences as Muslims, with their lives in post–9/11 America receiving special emphasis. Pre-show happenings (setting up "Ask a Muslim" booths in public squares, or standing in public areas holding "Hug a Muslim" signs) as well as post-show Q&As are part of the arts activism agenda, as an impressive array of talking heads (from Rachel Maddow and Soledad O'Brien to Jon Stewart, Janeane Garofalo, and David Cross) address Islamophobia and the function of minority identity in comedy. It's an inarguably noble undertaking, one that's unfortunately timely, but the film often feels like a profane PSA. You might wish that the comedians had simply filmed their routines and let those performances do the heavy lifting. But that would require that the material be stronger than the largely middling fare glimpsed in the excerpted shows. At one point, David Cross says that any time he sees a comedy lineup billed as "a night of 'fill-in-the-blank' comedy—women's, gay, Jewish, whatever" he runs in the opposite direction, and the The Muslims Are Coming! inadvertently illustrates why he—or anyone else—might have that response.

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The Muslims Are Coming!
Directed by Negin Farsad and Dean Obeidallah
Opens September 20, Quad Cinema

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Unfortunately, the history of Islam’s murderous conquest, oppression and persecution has not ended.

The Quran commands that they are to spread Islam to every people-group by any means possible, including intimidation, violence and murder.

Their strategy to subjugate the US and other western countries is much like the wasp injecting its eggs into the peaceful ladybug.  

After the incubation period, the growing wasp, takes control of its host, using it to serve its purpose.

So too, the Muslims immigrate into countries, but instead of assimilating themselves into the culture, most build communities that retain their distinctions, until they grow in size big enough to dominate.

They use deception, claiming that the Quran teaches that there is no compulsion in religion, yet how many Muslim countries allow freedom of religion, which includes the freedom to convert from Islam to Christianity?

Muslims are the biggest persecutors and murderers of Christians worldwide.

They will tell you that it is the world’s destiny to become every inch Islamic; that includes your street and mine. Simply look at the toll Muslims have taken on France, England, etc.

If we don’t wake up soon and stop appeasing them, it will one day be too late.


More to the point, Muslim mosques building has mushroomed in America 50 fold, since 9/11!!!

And yet we are supposed to find the satanic humor in a Muslim "comedy" titled " The muslims are coming"?

I find it disgusting and immensely offensive!!!


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