Kids Today Deserve Better Than Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return

Kids Today Deserve Better Than <I>Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return</I>
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The warning signs pile up early on in Will Finn and Dan St. Pierre's animated Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return.

There's that clunky, passive title; the credit informing us that the movie is not based on any of L. Frank Baum's 40 public-domain Oz books, but rather a book by Roger Stanton Baum (who?); and the fact that, while it purports to pick up the day after the tornado from The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy (Lea Michele) now lives in modern-day Kansas. (The early 2000s, anyway, judging from the gas prices.)

That's a baffling decision that isn't paid off by anything that follows, as the Scarecrow (Dan Aykroyd) uses a rainbow-based kidnapping machine to pull Dorothy back to an Oz that has been taken over by the Wicked Witch's brother, the Jester (Martin Short at his shoutiest).


Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return
Directed by Will Finn and Dan St. Pierre
Clarius Entertainment
Opens May 9

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Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return fails to make us care about the characters or their journeys, and the animation is shoddy and occasionally creepy — particularly Dorothy's aunt and uncle, who fall on the wrong side of the Uncanny Valley.

Kids today deserve better than this, and if they're hankering for a Wizard of Oz sequel that captures the adventure of the original while respecting their intelligence, skip this and show them Walter Murch's Return to Oz instead.

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I took my 4 kids to see the premiere and the LOVED it!  They have been reciting the one-liners since we left the movie.  I personally thought the animation was spectacular, storyline clever, music great, and that the humor was clean.  Sherilyn must not have children?  This the PERFECT movie for families.  The comment of "kids deserve better than this," is a crazy?!  As a parent, this is EXACTLY the type of movie I want my kids to see…clean, funny, thought provoking, and innocent.  I think the comment about 'respecting kids' intelligence' is also ridiculous….There are many deep and thought provoking themes that can be gleamed from the story line, but irrespective, kids' animated movies are generally for entertainment..Not for deep analytical thinking.  Who's the audience?! The kid or the adult.  Did Cars, Toy Story, Shrek, Despicable Me, Frozen, etc., have deep rooted thought provoking themes??! No, but they were entertaining for kids.  And Legends of Oz lacks the crass potty humor that Shrek and Despicable Me have.  It was fantastic.  Ignore Sheryilyn's review.


I'm quite sure what  the reviewer meant by "kids deserve better" is that you can actually make a legitimately good kids movie. I was quite picky as a child. I enjoyed Pixar films that most out of any of that other garbage. Pixar movies are known for their high quality.


So, Legends are, "Passive"? "Dorothy's Return", is also a passive phrase? The best part of your article was the word, purports. Perhaps, you referenced it from the original Wizard of Oz era, because that seems to be all the research you've done.

Legends of Oz, Dorothy's return is base on the book, "Dorothy of Oz",  by Roger Baum, which some 25 million plus readers have heard of, but not you. The songs by some of Broadway's favorite voice talent, why expose your young children to that, you ask? Not to mention the wonderful orchestra, ah but's that is trivial in a musical, right?

By far my favorite is this sentence, That's a baffling decision that isn't paid off by anything that follows, I count 3 "That's" in the same sentence, and I'm still struggling to grasp what you mean by paid off?

What I would not want to expose my children to is your writing skills and lack of effort to explore and imagine. Based on your words, I doubt you have children anyway, "Return to Oz" give me a break, next you'll be recommending, "The Whiz".


Sherilyn, you've got to be kidding??  "Kids today deserve better???"  Are you suggesting our kids today need movies with more sex, drugs, and violence??  This film is fun, imaginative, has great music, and wonderful take-aways....THAT'S what our kids today deserve!


Are you serious? Return to Oz is about as appropriate for kids as razor blades and broken glass! Anyone over the age of 35 will tell you how scary that movie was when we were kids! By the way, L Frank Baum only wrote 14 Oz books and if you couldn't tell by the name, Roger is his great grandson who has written 16 original Oz books! Regardless, I think this movie has a much better message for my kids and the music (which you didn't even mention) is delightful!


@Noah You're an ass.  Can't someone just like something?  Get over yourself.


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