BREAKING: Obama Fried Chicken Won’t Back Down


When we first noticed an Obama Fried Chicken in Harlem last month, we just thought it was cute. Who knew it would become such a tsimmis, with councilmember Charles Barron threatening to lead demonstrations against OFCs in Brooklyn and Harlem because “Fried chicken, watermelon and minstrels are part of the racist stereotyping of black people in America.” Yesterday Barron and others picketed the Brownsville Obama Fried Chicken (above). They were assured OFC would change its name. But today the Times says the owner has no plans to capitulate to their PC bullshit. So the protesters will return Saturday. Sigh. Maybe they and the Black Panthers who have been picketing the Lafayette Bakery can trade off every week or two so it doesn’t get stale.

Photo (cc) sometimesdee.

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