Barron Enraged at Bill de Blasio’s Black Wife in Flyer


We thought the mailer for Public Advocate candidate Bill de Blasio featuring his wife Chirlane — who is black — and their kids was cute, as the headline “He Gets It” could be interpreted all sorts of ways depending on the constituency. But councilmember Charles Barron — who is black — considers it insulting. “If you want to appeal to the black community,” says Barron, “then appeal to us based upon our issues, not based upon who you’re married to.” Barron also says that this is a sign of the “political animalism” of de Blasio, that “he [won’t] even stop at his own wife to get elected.” Just like the Democrats with Ted Kennedy and health care!

We like Barron, who is usually obstreperous in better causes, but he sometimes gets distracted by such nonsense. We wonder what de Blasio did to piss him off — they’ve worked together on progressive legislation in the past, and though they were once considering running against each other for Borough President, there should be no hard feelings about that. Maybe it’s a story of two men, brothers if you will, driven apart by a dark secret… excuse us, we’re going to work on a film treatment.