Gov Adds Gay Marriage to Special Session Agenda


As Maine doesn’t go, so goes New York, maybe: Governor Paterson says that along with the pressing budget issues for which he called the special session of the legislature for Tuesday, he’s also going to push the gay marriage bill, which he proposed in April but which got set aside as Albany pursued other pressing issues.

Good luck. The state senate Democrats, never wholly cooperative with the unpopular Governor, are already saying they won’t participate in his Monday joint address to the legislature. “We would certainly prefer to use that time productively,” says their spokesman.

We can only imagine how they feel about taking up the volatile marriage equality issue, particularly as the Republicans have been licking their lips over the anti-gay ammo such a bill would provide them politically. Courage isn’t one of the senators’ signal attributes.

Give him credit for trying, though. Maybe the legacy-minded Gov can team up with fire-breathing Senator Tom Duane and push the bill through by brute force.