Bros Icing Alt Bros: The National, Coolio Get Got Smirnoff-Style


Bros Icing Bros has already swept the bro nation and now innocent people are getting caught in the crossfire. Innocent people like Matt Berninger (right) of indie rock superstars and Village Voice cover subjects the National — definitely dudes more inclined to sip red wine — and rap has-been Coolio. Both were recently iced. Ashton Kutcher, meanwhile, remains the white whale of this madness.

After the jump, more pictures of the National getting iced, plus Coolio and his beer gut on video.

Just to recap, check out our original explanation or refer to the simple rules below:

The National’s rhythm section got iced as well, backstage in L.A.

And after a rousing rendition of “Gangsta’s Paradise,” Coolio plays along. Skip to 5:15 for the epic icing:

Watch your back.