Rob Zombie’s ‘Munsters’ is No Resurrection

Unfortunately, the Munster clan's hot-rod isn't the only thing missing from this flat take on the 60s TV show.


How can you make a movie version of The Munsters and not include Drag-U-La? Well, as Erin Maxwell notes in her review of musician/film director Rob Zombie’s take on the 1960s TV show, “He included the origin of Herman, how he met Lily, how the Munster clan moved to America from Transylvania, and even the origin of Spot, Eddie’s dragon that lives under the staircase, but not the famous hot rod.”

Maxwell also notes that one of Zombie’s most popular songs is titled—wait for it—“Dragula.” However, that is one of the least problems with the film, which Maxwell calls “more of an assault on the eyes than an attack on the funny bone.”

Zombie is not the first filmmaker who has looked to put his stamp on the original TV show, which debuted in 1964 and starred Fred Gwynne, Al Lewis, and Yvonne DeCarlo as a family of classic Universal monsters living an average life in an average American town. Other remakes have included a late 80s sitcom, The Munsters Today, and a 2012 Halloween special on NBC, Mockingbird Lane, the pilot for a series that was never picked up. It seems that the original Munsters were a tough act to follow.

Click here for Maxwell’s full story and the new film’s trailer. —VV editors

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