Cat Cora on Robot Chefs; Bourdain Reads Snooki


In a recent interview with USA Today, Iron Chef Cat Cora talks about the possibility of kitchens being run entirely by robots: “People will no longer be able to claim they’re lousy cooks. Android robots will do most of the work. ‘Technology will take over the kitchen,’ Cora says. ‘Even if you can’t boil water, your personal avatar — which will look like you — will walk you through all of the steps.'” [USA Today]

To congratulate Big Gay Ice Cream on their anniversary, Anthony Bourdain reads from Snooki’s book. [YouTube]

Martha Stewart and Marcus Samuelsson appear in a Macy’s ad together. Stewart questions Samuelsson’s addition of coriander to his meatballs. [Huffington Post]

Eddie Huang does New York Fashion Week: “Lincoln Center was dope, but as I took the ghetto limousine downtown it occurred to me that Fashion Week is the two times a year where Madison Avenue goes slumming. The weirdos get put on pedestals, forgotten Chinatown spaces get transformed for parties, and DIY downtown tchotchkes like leather harnesses get play on runways. Everyone’s eager and happy to be part of the show, but who wants to be a pirate their whole lives? I want to see the inspiration own its own shit one day.” [New York Observer]

Top Chef Stephanie Izard is engaged to craft-beer expert Gary Valentine. Valentine is a beer consultant to Franklin Tap and is studying at Chicago-based Siebel Institute of Technology and World Brewing Academy. [Chicago Business]