White Material
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White Material

Always daring in her choices, Huppert will begin shooting a film in January in the Philippines with provocateur Brillante Mendoza, whose graphic gang-rape-and-dismemberment movie, Kinatay, was awarded the Best Director prize at Cannes in 2009, the year the actress was president of the Competition jury. Though Huppert can say only that "the film is about hostages being captured by terrorists," it will surely allow the actress to do what she does so incomparably: to create a character who defies simple assessment. "You have a surface life that is a life of compromise," she explained last fall. "You need that life in order to cope with society. But underneath, so many strange things lie. I like to work on that substance in my characters. And the camera, which is almost like a microscope, is the perfect [tool] to express this troubled and blurred part of yourself."

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