The Grey


Feature: Alpha in Motion: Liam Neeson's Return to Form

The Grey
Directed by Joe Carnahan
Open Road Films
Opens January 27

I was told there would be more wolf-punching. If you crash Liam Neeson and six disposable buddies in the frozen Alaskan wilderness, there is the expectation—nay, the requirement—that Neeson punch as many wolves as possible. Tape pocketknives and broken glass to your fists, improvise other weapons from the plane wreckage, just do what's necessary in the situation, OK? But despite Neeson's recent string of aggrieved-daddy action flicks (Taken, Unknown, etc.), this is not to be. Reuniting with his A-Team director, Joe Carnahan, Neeson is instead a melancholy Irish Catholic given to fits of poetry and religious doubt. He gently shepherds a dying passenger into the beyond. He provides sage advice to the motley survivors—worried by their knowledge of both Alive and Grizzly Man—as he attempts to lead them on a trek to safety. He writes to a mystery woman, glimpsed in gauzy flashbacks (who provides the film's only real jolt in making you think about Natasha Richardson). Along the way, Neeson's pack is revealed to be frail and fearful, as The Grey's dwindling survivors somberly contemplate the odds against them and, as the film takes a mystical turn, the absence of divine providence. There's too much Jack London, and, as they systematically pick off the stragglers, too many CGI wolves go unpunched.

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J Gary Fox
J Gary Fox

To repeat the sage comments of jmd620 ... I HATED THIS MOVIE!

Spoiler alert and ending alert:

These are wolves that are more ugly and 5 times the size of any real wolf.

What wolves are doing living in a barren arctic wasteland is not explained.

Wolf expert tells the 7 survivors that they have to track out of the wolves area, its their only chance to survive. (This will be a laugh line in any second viewing)

No, they don't have any weapons except a few knives and two are injured.

AND ALL DIE miserable vicious deaths on the Death Trek in about 3-5 bloody days ...very visual, visceral scenes of wolves ripping the bodies apart, lot's of blood spurting out of various parts of the body.

OK ... not all are killed by the wolves ... one freezes to death, one falls from a cliff and one drowns ... in a very prolonged scene.

So what's the message?

When you're ready to be torn apart or die horribly ... think of someone you loved or remember a nice memory as they rip your arms off ... literally.

I'm serious ... that's the message each time someone dies and it shows that ... I don't have a clue ....

Hey, Stupid so-called-wolf expert ... next time stay with the wreckage and hope someone finds you.

PS When there is an interlude and the survivors talk and laugh and bond ... but never seem to understand that they have to keep looking around for Wolves! ... someone is ripped out of the group ... dragged and ... I repeat myself.


i hated hated HATED this movie. "are you there god? it's me, liam neeson" the movie


Miller, your bloodthirst is inversely proportional to your tact. (Spoiler alert) Watching an ex-con saw off a wolf's head with a pocket knife isn't satisfying enough I guess, unless the wolves get slapped around first. Surprised you didn't like it better. You appear to have been the target audience.

This movie was horrendous, for none of the reasons you mention in your review.


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