The Best Bodybuilders With Onlyfans in 2023


It doesn’t matter who you are, you know that there’s something so instinctively attractive about the male physique, when properly honed, that never fails to draw a crowd. Well, you asked, so we went and tracked down the best bodybuilders with Onlyfans from around the web.

These Onlyfans bodybuilders are not only easy on the eyes, they’re going to put on an erotic show that you’re going to be thinking about for weeks to come (pun intended). These sculpted hunks don’t stop there, they keep the content coming each week, and have no intentions of stopping. Check out our favorite Onlyfans muscle for 2023:

Best Male Bodybuilder OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Male Bodybuilder OnlyFans Accounts of 2023

Top 10 Muscle Men Onlyfans 

Jakub Stefano – Best Free Giveaways


  • Over 1,000 Photos
  • Over 800 Videos
  • Nearly 690,000 Likes


Where to Follow:


About Jakub Stefano:

Jakub Stefano, known as the Arkansas Baby, is a bodybuilder Onlyfans star with saucy content and glistening abs. A yummy treat who is always ready to satisfy your needs and every fantasy, this stud loves offering games for his fans, as well as free giveaways and bonus content. With daily updates, and raw, explicit content, Jakub shows off himself and his friends. He is fetish friendly, and down for one on one chats.

Follow this star, and make sure to turn on your auto-renew! This hunk will send you very saucy gifts as a thank you. Jakub also has a separate account if you enjoy domination, feet fetish, control, leather, spit, mindfucks, tickling, and other fetishes. If you want to indulge in your naughty side, follow @master_perfection and see your favorite Onlyfans bodybuilder get dirty.


Blondiepaul – Best Fetish Fun


  • Over 346,000 Likes
  • 400 Photos and Counting
  • Over 150 Videos


Where to Follow:


About BlondiePaul:

Blondiepaul’s world of intimacy is a feast of exploration, adventure, and lust. An Onlyfans muscle star, this hunk is into some highly erotic fun. Committed to chatting one on one, playing nudity games, and enjoying fetish fantasies, Blondiepaul makes his own content no matter where he is in the world, from Spanish villas to mountain cabins. 

If you turn on your auto-renew, Blondiepaul will reward you with even more hot videos, every week. You don’t want to miss anything this sexy hunk releases, so follow this star and tell him all your pervy fantasies. He will work very hard to make them all come true.


Rossilino – Sexiest Brit


  • Nearly 500,000 Likes
  • Over 1,500 Photos
  • Over 700 Videos


Where to Follow:


About Rossilino:

Rossilino is a British boy who will push his personal limits to maximize your pleasure. A muscle Onlyfans star, this gorgeous hunk of abs and muscle wants to display himself in all his glory to satisfy your needs. With a charming, cheeky attitude and an alluring, addictive body, this man is the perfect package. He will tempt you into entering his world of lust and sin with seemingly no effort at all.

Offering some amazing deals and long-term subscription discounts, Rosilino knows that once you start with him, you won’t be able to stop. This star also does live collabs with other stars. 


Carloseffort – Most Consistent Posts


  • Over 461,000 Likes
  • Nearly 900 Posts
  • Collaborations

Where to Follow:


About CarlosEffort:

Carloseffort is an Onlyfans bodybuilder who shares posts with complete nudity- pictures and videos- as well as mature content. Featuring erotic collaborations with other Onlyfans models, this hunk’s goal is to post a new collaboration each month, and posts four times a week. These posts include photos and at least one full length video.

Here for your pleasure, Carloseffort responds to your messages and loves interacting with his fans. He also spontaneously and periodically offers promotions such as 50% discounts to the first 50 people who contact him. With a smooth physique and a body sculpted and crafted for sin, this star is ready and waiting to bring all your fantasies to life. He also posts collaborations with other Onlyfans stars, such as with Daniel Knight, and the sexy naughtiness of these two hot, dirty bodybuilders is not something you want to miss!


The Shawn Raymond – Best Cross-Platform Branding


  • Nearly 300,000 Likes
  • Over 200 Videos
  • More than 600 Photos


Where to Follow:


About the Shawn Raymond:

A 27 year old fitness freak, Shawn Raymond is a music lover and a muscle men Onlyfans star. An explicit content creator, this tempting Texan is unique on Onlyfans as he has a Bachelors of Science in exercise physiology. Working with clients in gyms for over 11 years, this hotshot loves helping people live their best lives, and that passion extends onto Onlyfans.

Offering multiple month subscription discounts, this muscled man loves chatting one on one with his fans, and responds promptly to messages that include tips. Take advantage of this star’s offers and he will bring all your sexiest fantasies to life with energy, vigor, and stamina. 


Nick Sandell – Tightest Community


  • Over 550,000 Likes
  • Over 1,500 Photos
  • Nearly 200 Videos


Where to Follow:


About Nick Sandell:

Nick Sandell is an Onlyfans bodybuilders star with abs of steel, a butt of granite, and a penchant for sin. Happy to welcome you into his fitness community, Nick offers live fitness tips every Sunday morning with some friends. Nick will keep the camera rolling after their session is finished, and you can watch this hunk hang out, relax, and get up to some naughty fun.

Nick enjoys surprising his fans with messages in new chats, and offers long term subscription discounts to those that follow him. The unique strategy this star uses brings you live content weekly, and he demonstrates his devotion by creating an erotic, exciting space.

Daniel Knight – Best Collaborations


  • Over 241,000 Likes
  • Over 200 Videos
  • Nearly 900 Photos


Where to Follow:


About Daniel Knight:

Daniel Knight considers those that follow him as part of his family, and this hunk is one of those bodybuilders on Onlyfans who means what  he says. Eager to please and ready to tease, Daniel posts private content as often as he can, and everything he provides is exclusive to his page. This means that some weeks, he may post every day. He loves making content solo as well as collaborating, and even offers scenes that you can purchase for your own enjoyment.

When you follow Daniel Knight, you have access to special collaborations with other Onlyfans stars, such as Carloseffort, and these scenes are full of hot, dirty seduction that is not to be missed. Happy to respond to your messages, Daniel is eager to bring your deepest thoughts and fantasies to life.


Evanjazz – Best Secret Boyfriend


  • Over 174,000 Likes
  • Nearly 2,000 Photos
  • Almost 500 Videos


Where to Follow:


About EvanJazz:

Evanjazz provides some of the best muscle Onlyfans content! Your secret boyfriend, and not so secret desire, this sexy god loves to travel the world and make erotic content. Creating carnal custom content that can be made especially for you, this dream man wants to talk to you and live out your darkest fantasy.

When you follow and subscribe to this hunk, you receive access to over 2000 spicy media files, some of which include intense shows and full body orgasms. With a desire to continue to travel the world, Evanjazz will do everything he can to incentivize you to continue watching him. If you renew your subscription to this star, he will send you 4 exclusive videos for free, and if you tip him, he will prioritize your messages and requests.


David Twist – Best Duo Content


  • Nearly 200,000 Likes
  • Over 600 Posts
  • Subscription Bundles


Where to Follow:


About David Twist:

An athlete, fitness buff, and male bodybuilder Onlyfans star, David Twist is an open-minded guy who loves to share his private life with fans. Offering a huge selection of content, including full nudity photos and videos, adult content, fucking, sucking, duo play, and solo play with jerking off and toys, Twist is ready to bring your deepest fantasies to life.

With a passion for the erotic, and a desire to chat with his fans to enact their deepest, darkest dreams, David requests that you never be shy with him. He loves everything and anything, and is willing to try it to make you smile, and cum. Providing limited time offers to his followers, Twist will do everything he can to make your desires a reality.


Bodybuilders Onlyfans Models FAQ’s

Who are the best bodybuilders on Onlyfans today?

For the best bodybuilders on Onlyfans, check out these handsome hunks! Jakub Stefano, BlondiePaul, Rossilino, and CarlosEffort are not to be missed. We’d also be remiss if we left out The Shawn Raymond, Nick Sandell, the Handsome Buck, or Daniel Knight. Don’t overlook Evanjazz or David Twist.

While these are some of our favorite muscle men Onlyfans has to offer, the list is by no means exhaustive. While you sit back and get to know what these amazing dudes are all about, we’ll be on the search for even more amazing men to feature.

What do the top male bodybuilder Onlyfans creators make?

The best muscle Onlyfans men are doing quite well for themselves. Some are in the top 1% of Onlyfans, and our best data shows that they’re potentially making around $10,000 a month and upwards. Others, in the top 10%, aren’t quite that lucrative, but they’re still making a healthy living.

The average creator maybe makes somewhere between a couple hundred to a thousand dollars monthly, depending on tips and requests. It can be great money if you build your following, and keep them entertained, but it’s a lot of work as well.

Which of the best bodybuilders with Onlyfans shouldn’t be missed?

You’re not going to want to miss a single one of these bodybuilders with Onlyfans, because they’re all amazing. Jakub Stefano has some truly excellent giveaways each month, and BlondiePaul knows how to make a fetish come alive. For a delicious Brit, check out Rossilino, and for sheer licentious consistency, CarlosEffort is the model to see.

The Shawn Raymond knows how to make his brand cohesive no matter what social media platform you find him on, and Nick Sandell has built the tightest fitness community we’ve ever seen. If you’re into cumshots, you can’t overlook the Handsome Buck. Daniel Knight has the best collaborations, and EvanJazz is the hottest secret boyfriend you could want. For some solid duo content, check out David Twist.

How do I grow my own Onlyfans bodybuilder account?

If you have your own Onlyfans bodybuilder account, you can build it through consistency. Keep posting regularly, and ensure that when people find you, they know what they’re buying for their subscription prices. Give them an idea of what’s on your menu, so they say yes to your content.

After that, build up your other socials. The Shawn Raymond is the perfect example of this – you can tell it’s his content at first glance, and if you like his stuff, he makes it easy to follow. He’s everywhere, and posting on everything all at once would take a lot of work, but he manages it. When people find you in various communities, like Reddit, they’ll start to follow you.

How does Onlyfans pay its creators?

Even the best Onlyfans bodybuilder is paid monthly, once they earn enough to pass the threshold. It doesn’t take much to do that, and Onlyfans will put the money earned, minus their cut, into an account. Creators can set up a payment schedule, or empty the account when they see fit.

Once you decide to take your money, Onlyfans transfers it to your bank account. This can take a few days for the bank to process, but after that, you’re free to do what you wish! Congratulations!

Bodybuilders Onlyfans In Conclusion 

You wanted the best muscle Onlyfans has to offer, and you got it. These men were sculpted by nature, the greatest artist, to be pleasing on the eyes, and their content makes it all the better. These are our favorite bodybuilders of 2023, but there’s a lot more amazing men that we’d love to feature going forward. Enjoy these stunning studs, and keep your eyes out for more to come!

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