Just Go With It: Adam Sandler's Latest Hits and Misses in Equal Parts


Just Go With It
Directed by Dennis Dugan
Sony Pictures
Opens February 11
 Just Go With It, Adam Sandler’s latest turn as a redeemable cad, casts the Grown Ups star as Danny Maccabee, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon ready to settle down after meeting ’N Sync–loving 23-year-old hottie, Palmer (Brooklyn Decker). That is, until she stumbles upon the fake wedding ring he totes around to help him get laid, and the two end up heading off to Hawaii with Danny’s assistant, Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), pretending to be his soon-to-be-ex-wife and her two kids passed off as his. There’s little doubt that this rom-com will end with Danny and Katherine together—especially after director Dennis Dugan shows us (and Danny) how Aniston’s bikini-clad body stacks up against Decker’s—but there’s no shortage of complications along the way. As in many a Sandler picture, Just Go With It is a tale of both escalating lies that finally give way to truth and of childish behavior eventually corrected strung along by lowbrow jokes that hit and miss in roughly even number. Among the hits, a staged golf course photo session niftily spoofs the phoniness of family vacation pics. But in the latter group must be counted not only the inevitable array of fecal jokes but mean-spirited digs at Latina nannies, fat women, and pregnant black mothers.
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You know what, I liked this movie! It wasn't awful, it was cute & light hearted. All of Sandler's movies for the most part are. To me seeing Aniston do something other than comfy girl next door parts, she felt more real than other characters she's played before. As for Sandler, I'll always love his movies, cause there is always humor there somewhere :)


Adam sandler as a sleezy womenizer there's something to this as a source of humor. All of his many...many...many silly humorless movies seem tocontain this character portrayed so poorly and humorlessly by Sandler. Sandler could atleast give this guy a break or get it right and maybe add some funny's...This guy and his material is tired and creepy and offensive...go away !!!


Gee, Sandler as an upper middle class doctor. Glad he made it. After I leave his films, I wind up unable to sleep very well because I'm always worrying about his welfare - in film and real life. Ah, the problems of the well to do. At least he had the dough for a plane ticket to Hawaii, but what a bummer for pregnant black women, fat women and latinos. In case anyone missed it - Sandler himself is the joke - a misogynist who never fails to blame women.


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