Directed by Daniel Lindsay and T.J. Martin
The Weinstein Company
Opens February 17

An inspirational sports tearjerker in distilled form, this new Harvey-hawked doc lands in North Memphis, where the underfunded, all-black Manassas High School football team sucks wind so bad, they're a state joke. Enter white volunteer coach Bill Courtney and a handful of walking clichés on his roster (the straight-outta-juvie hard case, the 300-pound refrigerator struggling with grades, the good-hearted star tragically felled by torn ligaments), and you're ready for cheers and hugs and big-man tears all the way to the playoffs—and an Oscar nomination. Strangely, the Manassas Tigers are not at all undefeated during their ostensible championship season, which is a shame for the Weinsteins, who were probably envisioning an eventual Hollywood version complete with Philip Seymour Hoffman as Courtney, sweating and tough-loving the mountainous teenagers around him (not playing themselves, since a few require subtitles). Have you had enough of even true stories about white people rescuing black communities? Honestly, Courtney and his crew all seem like nice people, but if there's an unironic audience for this kind of romantic jock-cup fondling, I'm not interested in knowing it.

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you bring race into this too much... you are a fucking retard. Downgrading the film by Calling this a "cliche", which, if it were not a 100% true story, you would be right. But that is actually what makes this movie spectacular, it has all aspects of a typical underdog cliche film, however it is completely real.


....all the way to an Oscar WIN actually. That must've torn you up, judging from the "wear-it-on-your-sleeve" maliciousness of your review. "Strangely not Undefeated.."? Did you miss the point of title? I suppose so. And as far as the Weinsteins rooting for a particular narrative outcome... you did do your journalistic research and realize that Harvey saw and purchased this movie AFTER it was completed and premiered at SXSW... oh, wait... I guess you didn't. I hate to fight fire with fire, but this piece is so mean-spirited and beyond-the-pale that I couldn't help myself.

Nunya Dambinness
Nunya Dambinness

"Have you had enough of even true stories about white people rescuing black communities? "

I've had enough of idiots like you thinking the success of downtrodden children is somehow unremarkable because a white male was involved.

Save your racist crap please.


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