The Three Stooges: The Movie


The Three Stooges: The Movie
Directed by Bobby and Peter Farrelly
20th Century Fox
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For Bobby and Peter Farrelly, the low-comic connoisseurs whose brand name-establishing debut was 1994's Dumb and Dumber, this antic, dozen-years-in-the-making Three Stooges feature must be a labor of love tantamount to Mel Gibson filming his Passion. The Holy Trinity of knockabout numbskull comedy—fritz-haloed Larry, yipping lummox Curly, and bowl-cut fascist Moe—are introduced as they're ditched on the steps of an orphanage. Twenty-five years later, they've grown up to resemble, respectively, television comics Sean Hayes, Will Sasso, and Chris Diamantopoulos, unleashed on the unsuspecting world when the only home the unclaimed foundlings have known is threatened with foreclosure. The trusty old emergency-fundraising plot (see: the Farrellys' Kingpin) is just a handy rack to hang gags on, and the leads acquit themselves in the physical comedy, resurrecting shtick honed on a thousand-and-one vaudeville stages, and recreated in as many playgrounds. Never accused of being visual stylists, the Farrellys shoot with a straightforward clarity that approximates the rudimentary, slightly-shabby feel of the Stooges short-subjects, while adding a little mushiness that's entirely their own. Beyond some CGI-augmented violence, the biggest concession to updating the Stooges for the 21st century is a subplot that lands Moe on a reality TV show, identifying the Stooges' contribution to our pop-culture as part of an ongoing tradition of tone-lowering public jackassery.

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The new Three Stooges movie is a masterpiece. The Farrelly Brothers took on an awesome responsibility to the millions of Three Stooges fans out there and brilliantly made a laugh out loud, side-splitting, film that is a tribute to the original cast. The 3 actors look, act, sound and perform exactly like the originals. It's topical for 2012 and uses the old music and gags from the the original "shorts". As an adult many of us just want to lose ourselves in the silliness of a movie for 1 1/2 hours. It's a movie we can safely watch with little kids and not worry about actors using 4 letter words or there being sexual innuendo or drug use. To the Liberals who read this and have a problem with the "violence"- stop. The Three Stooges is a cartoon like The Road Runner is- the Coyote gets blown up 3 times in every episode and is seen back chasing the bird again. Kids get it- even little ones, It's all good fun. I wasn't expecting any Academy Award nominations for this movie, but was suprised by the negative reviews it received. Many of us enjoy the true arts, but we also like to lose ourselves in a slapstick comedy at times too. It's now running on HBO- watch it with your little ones and don't embarrass them too much when you roll out of your chair laughing on the floor. ROTFLOL


Or, to put it another way: If you like The Three Stooges, you'll like this silliness. Why didn't he just say that? (BTW, attention editors: the "recreated" above should be "re-created." They're not exactly the same.)


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