Elena's view
Zeitgeist Films
Elena's view


Directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev
Zeitgeist Films
Opens May 16, Film Forum

The Color Wheel
Directed by Alex Ross Perry
Cinema Conservancy
Opens May 18, BAM

Instead of cautiously toeing the realist line, 26-year-old Perry takes a caricaturist's approach. The Color Wheel is a movie that's consistently unafraid to get confrontational and plain weird, with Colin's is-it-or-isn't-it-ironic racism, abrupt smothering close-ups, and scenes pushed past the boundaries of plausible motivation until they nosedive into absurdity. Like Howard Hawks's Twentieth Century, it's a travelogue movie about a couple whose impossible, porcupine personalities leave them safe, finally, for nobody's company but each other's.

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Thanks for spoiling the ending of the movie elena dickweed.. Last time im visiting this website

Christopher Alexander Gellert
Christopher Alexander Gellert

"Elena" may have "scalpel like precision," unfortunately Mr. Zvyaginstev is no healer and his treatment of humans most closely reusables William Harvey's vivisection of horses in his pursuit of understanding the mysteries of the circulatory system.

See full review on Le Journal de Charles Haas: http://lejournaldecharleshaas....


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