The Prosecution of an American President


The Prosecution of an American President
Directed by Dave Hagen and David J. Burke
Lost Soldier Films

Opens October 5, AMC Empire 25

Akin to an updated Fahrenheit 9/11 minus the occasional humor, Dave Hagen and David J. Burke's The Prosecution of an American President advocates the notion that former president George W. Bush should be tried for the murder of every Iraq War casualty. Based on a book by—and heavily featuring—famed attorney Vincent Bugliosi, who is best known for successfully prosecuting Charles Manson, the argument is simple: If Bush deliberately misled Congress into approving the invasion of Iraq, then he is legally and personally responsible for tens of thousands of deaths. The evidence—or lack thereof, as we're talking WMDs here—is arguably there, but its presentation is so unabashedly one-sided that the doc is problematic even when the facts and figures check out. Bugliosi is a persuasive speaker whose biography is not that of a crackpot or wing nut. An extended sequence finds the attorney explaining his argument to students at UCLA, but enough of the legalese is either shaky sounding or impossible to prove that it's easy to call into question. Ultimately, though, the merits and flaws of his position are less important than the fact that Hagen and Burke are cheering him on rather than merely observing or reporting on him.

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"its presentation is so unabashedly one-sided that the doc is problematic even when the facts and figures check out"

What is a problem with being one-sided as long as it's right? This is a documentary to detail the basis of a prosecution of a criminal and yes of course a prosecution would be one-sided. The other side received much more airplay on the media with it's constant barrage of lies for 8 years. So excuse the "one-sidedness" of just another 90 minutes or so coming from the other side.

The documentary strives to prove a point and it succeeds in that. The facts are indisputable. If the author wants balance perhaps he can create a documentary to prove the opposite. The problem is there are no facts to bear out that thesis. 

As for "enough of the legalese is either shaky sounding or impossible to prove that it's easy to call into question"

Perhaps it sounds "shaky" to an uninformed person but doing even some basic research confirms the legal grounds for the assertion. Perhaps the author needs to do some homework before coming to this conclusion.

I am amazed the Village Voice allows nonsense like this to be printed. It has gone downhill for sure in the past years.


In Michael's review of The Proseceution of an American President" he says the "legalese is impossible to prove".   Odd, I always thought it was the evidence that had to be proven out.   I assume he's speaking about the legal architecture when he says "legalese". 


It's from Title 18 Section 2 (b) of the United States Code which reads "Whoever wilfully CAUSES an act to be done which if directly performed by him or another would be an offense against the United States is punishable as a principal".  How hard is that to understand, Michael?


Bush caused the unlawful killings of over 4,800 servicemen and servicewomen.  The killings were performed by the Iraqi's who were repelling an invader into their homeland.  But, Bush caused it to happen with his his blatant lies to Congress and the American people about the justification to go to war with Iraq.


Therefore Bush is punishable for murder.  There was NO lawful reason for the killings of our servicemen, because there was no WMD, no imminent threat, no connection to Al Queda or involvement with the 9-11 attack. 


The evidence proves that Bush was telling us the exact opposite of what his own intelligence was telling him.  How is Bush not culpable ?


See the movie.  Decide for yourself.  Let the Bush people come out with their own documentary about their justification for the Iraqi war if they want "balance".


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