Truther Drama Unthinkable: An Airline Captain's Story Needs a lot of Quotation Marks

Truther Drama <I>Unthinkable: An Airline Captain's Story</I> Needs a lot of Quotation Marks

Until sufficiently proven, a lot of quotation marks are required to unpack Eric Stacey's "true-crime" dramatization of the "faked" 2013 murder-suicide of 9-11 conspiracy theorist Marshall Phillips and his teenage kids, "incorrectly" reported by "corrupt" police and the "misled" media.

Gracelessly shot and cruddily lit, this exposition-heavy, no-budget docudrama lionizes and martyrs Phillips (Randall Paul), a former airline pilot and finger-pointing author who truthers believe was silenced in a CIA black-ops hit.

The official report, on the other hand, points to Phillips's crippling debt, impending divorce, mental instability (a psychiatric diagnosis grounded him as a pilot years earlier), and stone-cold forensic evidence, so where's the smoking gun?

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Quad Cinema

34 W. 13th St.
New York, NY 10011

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Region: Greenwich Village


Unthinkable: An Airline Captain's Story
Directed by Eric Stacey
Movies on a Mission
Opens April 11, Quad Cinema

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In Stacey's case, it's in having his low-rent cast — especially Dennis Fitzpatrick's dubious investigative journalist — smugly regurgitate shaky case details as if playing petulant high-schoolers (a never-used door was found unlocked; a right-handed man delivered a bullet to his own left temple!). Even more bone-headed are the carelessly superimposed clips of controversial radio host Alex Jones and intelligence muckraker Wayne Madsen.

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean your speculations are sound, your writing and filmmaking skills are passable, or that you're preaching to anyone but the fearfully converted.

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Didn't think the CIA stooped as low as the VV... learn something new every day!


Gracelessly and crudely lit.! I personnaly love the independent film movement today. I personally feel that if this film was fluffed and buffed technically, somehow it would of lost its independent charm. Mr Hillis I feel doesn't really understand film making and or appreciate film and story telling in all of its guises. As an actor I remain unbiased towards creative approaches. I can watch masterpieces or low/no budgets. Sometimes the ladder are more interesting for me. As far as lighting and camera movent are concerned? I am shooting now and with my DP we have discussed how we arrange our shot list around natural lighting because we want this raw look to convey more so the reality of the environment. So out of the 50 or so lights and rigs we have, they will have to wait to play another day. Emperors new clothes comes to mind sometimes with critics


Why is Mr. Hillis so willing to dismiss the facts and rely on the "official" report?

What I find particularly interesting is that he doesn't provide any basis for his criticism of the facts or the film itself. The author (I can't bring myself to call him a critic) seems to be a conservative, party line person who is incapable of independent, critical thought. Someone who simply recites the majority view without applying the very thing he berates, intelligent thought.

But what do I know?


Talk about bone-heads, Mr. Hillis is so quick to judgement he even attaches stories about Senator Rand Paul to one of our lead actors, Randall Paul ("Eyes Wide Shut"), who is far from a "low-rent" actor.


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