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Former 5-Legged Dog Case Gets TV Trial with Jeanine Pirro (UPDATE: Pirro Rules!)


We’re certainly glad we treated this story with the appropriate level of seriousness. You will recall the formerly five-legged dog Lily, who in her extra-limbed state was purchased by a Coney freak show operator. Said operator, John Strong, was double-crossed by a do-gooder who offered a higher price, took the dog and had its useless appendage surgically removed. Strong threatened to sue, and it seems he will get his day in court today — specifically former prosecutor Jeanine Pirro’s, in a TV studio. The former New York political nightmare has a CW show in which she pretends to adjudicate small claims, and Strong’s case against Lily’s original owner for finking out on their deal comes up before her today, though it will not air until Setpember 21. Strong sees this as a trial run, so to speak, for an actual court case, from which he hopes to obtain the dog (to which he had previously promised to reattach the severed limb), as well as a source of cash and publicity. It’s been a weak summer for celebrity trials, so we’ll take what we can get.

Update: Pirro has ruled! Strong gets $4,000 damages, but the puppy stays with her current owner. It remains to be seen whether he will now take his pound-of-flesh act to real court.


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