Jack Daniels Joins Cast of Tigers Be Still

Kim Rosenstock's dramedy is the latest from Roundabout Underground

Jack Daniels Joins Cast of <i>Tigers Be Still</i>
Joan Marcus
Halley Feiffer and Natasha Lyonne

Much like its heroine, Sherry (Halley Feiffer), Kim Rosenstock's Tigers Be Still brims with appealing quirkiness and possesses a heart of gold. But both Sherry and the play have problems. A 24-year-old boomerang child, Sherry is living at home with both mom—who's refusing to leave her bedroom—and sister Grace (Natasha Lyonne), who's camped out on the couch swilling Jack Daniels after breaking up with her fiancé. Sherry's life is improving, though: She's gotten a job as a middle school art therapist and is counseling Zach (John Magaro), an 18-year-old grieving his mother's unexpected death. Oh, and there's an escaped tiger on the loose from the local zoo.


Tigers Be Still
Roundabout Underground
111 West 46th Street

Rosenstock crams a lot into her 90-minute dramedy, displaying an impressive knack for zestful dialogue and fanciful metaphor. The play, however, strains under the weight of her ambitions. And even though Sam Gold has directed with fleetness and imagination, and the ensemble delivers impeccably, the piece proves to be merely charming rather than a sharp-toothed portrait of parental impotence and young adults adrift. 

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