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How To Make Money On OnlyFans And Grow Your Subscribers


Making money “on the side” is excellent, especially when we can do it on our own terms. That’s exactly what OnlyFans offers you, but you gotta play the game right to win.

Are you ready?

We explain the ins and outs of how to make money on OnlyFans, the world’s most popular adult social media site that’s got everyone talking at the moment.

Covered below are all the details you need, like how much money you can make and how to create an OnlyFans account. For all the wannabe content creators, this is for you.

What Is OnlyFans?

When you visit OnlyFans you’ll quickly realize it’s a content-sharing platform where men, women, couples, and otherwise can create accounts and share content with their subscribers. To be honest, adult content mainly.

Catch your eye?

This platform is primarily used by models, amateurs and professionals alike, who are already known in the porn world or just getting their start. That means these users are at least 18 years old. They put out X-rated content, entice subscribers, and grow their bank account.

The concept is simple: an individual or couple creates an OnlyFans account, sets a monthly subscription rate, and starts to put out content to eventually earn money. This content might include full-blown nudity, it might not.

It’s not all NSFW, though…you’ll find anything from trainers and athletes to bakers and musicians on OnlyFans. However, when it comes to making dough, yes, most are in the NSFW category.

Delve even deeper here with the “what is OnlyFans?” ultimate guide.

How Does OnlyFans Work?

Now that you understand the basics, let’s get detailed. How exactly does someone start making money on OnlyFans?

Well, you have to open an OnlyFans account first.

We know, it’s obvious…but after that, it’s all about subscribers.

Most OnlyFans accounts feature content that remains hidden until someone subscribes to their profile. That means users who want to view photos, videos, and other posts, have to pay that creator’s monthly subscription rate. Some creators even let you DM them.

A subscription fee can range anywhere between $4.99 and $49.99 monthly.

Now, some accounts offer teasers for free, while others have actual free content, but this isn’t the norm on OnlyFans. You’ll find subscription rates vary, depending on the creator. Most subscribers choose to pay on a monthly basis, while some take advantage of subscription bundles, say 6 months or 12 months.

Beyond this, a content creator can put out premium content too. This might be more graphic in nature, or include personalized media for a user, but it comes at a cost. You’ll find discounts for loyal subscribers and other special offers.

Bottom line is this…

Creators take home 80 percent of their earnings, while OnlyFans keeps the remaining 20 percent.

How Much Can I Make On OnlyFans? 

There seems to be no real limit to how much you can make on OnlyFans.

Not that it’s easy…

But here’s an example: UK reality TV star Megan Barton Hanson revealed in November 2020 that she was making up to $800,000 a month on the platform. That’s an eye-popping fee.

She’s famous, though!

Most OnlyFans creators have their work cut out for them, with the average profile making anywhere from approximately $100 to $3,000 monthly. While you can make a lot of money here, it all comes down to marketing and branding, but more on that later.

It’s also worth mentioning that how much you can make on OnlyFans varies from month to month. Some creators post huge profits one month, and smaller profits the following month. 

What You Need To Start an OnlyFans Account

There are three categories you need to pay attention to when starting an OnlyFans account:


If you want to attract fans on OnlyFans, you might have to invest in some equipment first, if you don’t already have it laying around.

This includes:

  • Camera (smartphone or DSLR)
  • Tripod for steady, clean shots
  • Basic lighting equipment if you don’t have access to natural, daytime lighting
  • Editing software for DSLR users

OnlyFans Niche and Branding

OnlyFans isn’t just for adult content. However, it’s used primarily by adult content creators, and while most creators have an NSFW account, some go with a SFW account instead.

NSFW or SFW? Which one will it be?

Do you want to post nudity, partial nudity, or do you want to post full-on sexually explicit videos, i.e. porn scenes? Are you looking to leverage your account with a specific fetish in mind, say BBW, cosplay, or BDSM, maybe?

Stick to what you’re confident with and what excites you the most.

Passion sells…

Post Style and Media 

As you prepare your OnlyFans career, it helps if you know what your go-to medium will be. For example, will you be posting single photos, photosets, or videos?

Maybe a mix?

It’s important that your brand is consistent, which is why it’s a good idea to sort these things out now before you start. That doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind later on.

How To Make Money On OnlyFans

Let’s begin…

1. Open Your OnlyFans Account

Signing up to OnlyFans is super easy. You can even sign up using your Twitter account if you have one.

All you need is an email address for verification purposes and a unique password for security. You’ll also be required to choose a display name and fill in one or two extra, basic details.

Then, just agree to the terms and conditions and you’re all set! You can now edit your profile so that it reflects your brand (more on this in a moment).

2. Choose Your OnlyFans Name 

One of the good things about OnlyFans is that you don’t have to use your real name. You can create a “pen name” that reflects your personality and the content you want to create.

Sky’s the limit!

Some men and women prefer to use their real names, especially those who are already famous (such as the aforementioned Megan Barton Hanson). This is because it’s easier for people to find their accounts.

Others don’t want their families or friends to know, nor do they want to be stalked. So instead, they create a fake name.

It should be catchy, but also easy to remember (and spell).

3. Setup Your OnlyFans Page

Once your account is live, you can pop into your account and check out the different tabs available to you. These include posts, videos, photos, and audio.

If you enter the “posts” section, you can post a status update, record your voice, add a poll, set a post expiry date, schedule posts, and add a price to post.

In other words, there are lots of ways you can get creative in order to please your fans, tease your fans, and persuade them to purchase your gated content and/or give you tips.

Example: You could post a status update that teases your fans about some naughty content you’ll be dropping later that night at midnight, but it’s only accessible via DM.

4. Promote Your OnlyFans Account

Attracting fans to a new account can be difficult, especially when there are already so many established OnlyFans profiles out there.

However, there are still a number of things you can do to bag new fans and grow your brand.

Taking notes here?

Social media: The smartest thing to do is link your OnlyFans page to your social profiles (especially Twitter and Instagram) and promote your OnlyFans account there. This, of course, applies to those who already have a substantial following on other social media platforms.

Share links: Other ways to promote your OnlyFans account to new fans is to post links to it on relevant forums and places like Reddit. You could also create a blog and an email newsletter, and attach the link to your OnlyFans account at the end of each post and email.

Free subscription: Lastly, one of the easiest ways to attract new followers is to make your account free to subscribe to. That’s right, some creators make a free subscription rate, and rake in income via tips and personalized media for their subscribers.

5. Start Making OnlyFans Money

Keep in mind you have multiple options here, including:


  • Subscriptions
  • Tips
  • Paid DMs
  • Sell personal wares

Subscription Fee

As mentioned, one of the fastest ways to gain subscribers is to offer free subscriptions. This is ideal for newbies who just want some fans as soon as possible.

General rule of thumb: Charge $10-$15 for a starting subscription price.


Because $4.99 is the minimum you can charge. If you start at $10, you can offer some discounts, say, $2 off, in order to attract new fans to your OnlyFans account.


That said, there’s no magic bullet when it comes to subscription fees, but most OnlyFans creators eventually find their own sweet spot. 


Tips are a great way to earn extra money on OnlyFans.

How it works: If a fan really enjoys your content, they can send you a tip in the form of cash. This could be anything between $1 and $500. The latter number is actually the daily tip limit for both creators and fans.

The best way to encourage more tips is to interact with your fans, stay consistent with your brand, and keep posting top quality content.

Should you ask for tips? Yes.

For example, you can ask for tips whenever you do live content on your OnlyFans page. Many subscribers will gladly contribute, but not all of them will be aware of how to do it at first.

So, there’s no need to shy away from asking, as this can be one of the best ways to make money on OnlyFans.

Paid Messages 

A paid message is also known as a PPV message, or pay per view, on OnlyFans.

Essentially, you can create gated/exclusive content that can only be viewed by fans if they pay to unlock it.

It entices viewers!

Let’s say you’ve uploaded 20 new, naughty pics of yourself. You then send these out to all your followers via DMs, with a caption such as “see me get extra filthy just for you!”

In order to see that exclusive content, the fan must meet the asking price. The minimum price, by the way, is $3. It can add up, quickly…

Sell Personal Products 

If you want to make serious money on OnlyFans, you could also consider selling personal products.

It can be both physical and digital products, and anything you like, including books, photos, underwear, sex toys, and so on. Whatever you choose to sell, though, you must have permission from OnlyFans to sell it first. 

Marketing Tips and Tricks for OnlyFans Accounts

There are thousands upon thousands of OnlyFans content creators, and all of them want to make money on OnlyFans.

It’s a high bar!

Fans, on average, have only a small amount of disposable income to give, which means they need to be very selective in regards to which OnlyFans account(s) they subscribe to. If your content isn’t good enough, fans will unsubscribe and follow someone else instead.

A key part of succeeding and making money on OnlyFans, then, is knowing how to retain your existing customers:

Post Consistently

If your wall is practically bare because you hardly post anything, fans will think they’re getting no value. They may also start to assume that you’ve given up or lack the effort.

Interact and Engage

One of the reasons a large portion of fans subscribe to profiles is so they can interact with the creator.

Ya know, a little one-to-one

It’s just nice to have a personal touch and know that you’re valued by the person you’re giving money to. And while it’s impossible for you as the creator to respond to all private messages, it’s important that you interact and engage as much as possible.

Create Custom Content

The beauty of OnlyFans is that followers can interact with content creators and request customized photos and videos.

This makes it very different from a traditional porn site, and because your subscribers want this kind of personalization, it’s important that you give it to them.

Be a Tease

Got some great content planned? Then post a teaser letting your fans know about it!

This is a great way to elicit their curiosity and keep them subscribed. However, it’s also super important that you underpromise and over deliver when teasing future content, not the other way around!

Offer Discounts

If someone is a loyal fan who’s been sending you tips, it’s a smart idea to reward them with discounts. This could include “X amount” off their next monthly subscription, as well as free and exclusive content to keep them coming back.

Making Money on OnlyFans FAQ

Is Making An OnlyFans Account Worth It?

Yes, making an OnlyFans account is definitely worth it.

However, it’s only worth it if you’re willing to put in the dedication, time, and effort required to make a success of it.

OnlyFans relies on user-generated content, and for many it can be a race to the bottom, unless you’re able to create a brand that’s unique, committed to its audience, and consistently puts out high-quality content.

The best gay OnlyFans might provide some inspiration!

How Much Can a Beginner Make On OnlyFans? 

A beginner usually doesn’t make much from the get-go on OnlyFans because there are so many established accounts already. This is why the advice here is to have patience, post high-quality content consistently, and employ the marketing tactics we outlined above.

It all depends on how much you charge and how well you build a fanbase over time.

Can I Sell Pictures Of My Feet On OnlyFans?

Yes, you can sell pictures of your feet on Only Fans. In fact, some users are dying for it!

Pedicure time.

Feet pics are easy to make and sell.

Who Are The Top OnlyFans Girls?

The top OnlyFans girls are many actually.

We’ve already mentioned UK reality TV star Megan Barton Hanson here. There’s also British glamour girl, Danni Harwood, who raked in more than $1 million over an 18-month period.

These two, however, are just scratching at the surface.

Blac Chyna is currently the top earner on OnlyFans, with her earnings per month currently standing around $17 million. Bella Thorne is second, but her earnings per month are almost half of Chyna’s.

Other top OnlyFans girls include real-life porn stars, such as Romi Rain, Riley Reid, and Sophie Dee. 

Making Money On OnlyFans: Final Thoughts

While we would never suggest that OnlyFans is a get-rich-quick scheme that suits everyone, it is at least possible to boost your bank account as a content creator on this adult social platform.

To earn money on OnlyFans, you need to be prepared to put in the hard work and do the right things. Use the tips in this article to set up your OnlyFans account, attract followers and subscribers – and see where this can take you.

And, hey, what’s the worst that could happen anyway?!

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